America has returned to the middle East

After eight years of absence, the United States returned to the middle East arena as the most powerful nation in the world, which intends to exert influence on developments in the region. First and foremost, the return of America beneficial to Israel and Pro-Western Arab countries, who felt abandoned during the reign of Obama. Israel received full support from the American President. Both countries have common interests: the war on terror and preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

Unlike its predecessor, trump arrived in Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Palestinian authority not to read them morality and impose their own idea of what peace in the middle East. Trump has come to realize three of his campaign promises: war with Islamist terror, prevent a situation in which Iran will acquire the atomic bomb, and the creation of new jobs for Americans.

During his visit, trump constantly reminded that, from the point of view of the United States, is the axis of evil: Iran, Hezbollah, ISIS (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.) and Hamas. This is the main obstacle to the stabilization of the middle East regimes. “The leaders of Iran constantly call for the destruction of Israel. Donald trump will not allow it, believe me,” said the US President. It is quite possible that soon the trump will begin to act with a view to resuming the discussion of the Iranian issue at the international level. Trump also called Hamas a terrorist movement, even during your stay in Riyadh.

Trump is very interested in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (what American President was not interested in it?). But he never made recommendations on how to conclude the contract. The trump stressed in his speech the close relationship of the Jewish people with Jerusalem and the Land of Israel.

The economic aspect of trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia was no less important. Multibillion-dollar deal with the Saudis will create thousands of jobs for Americans. While keeping the technological advantage of the Israeli army in the region. Israelis should not worry.