The food is expensive: the price of pork has exceeded UAH 100

For the last 10 days of August in the “social” consumer basket has risen 60% food. This was reported by the agricultural expert, head of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

According to him, pork prices broke a record for the first time exceeding 100 UAH/kg. the Average price of a product today is to 101.4 UAH per kilogram. As previously noted by experts, the rise in pork prices is associated with a serious shortage of livestock, which aggravated outbreaks of African swine fever.

“Second place (in price growth. – Ed.) divided the bacon and eggs, the price of which increased by UAH 1.7. Now, the fat is 51,4 UAH per kg, and eggs – per dozen a 16.8 UAH”, – Doroshenko wrote on his page in Facebook.

Also, experts estimate, there was an increase in prices for beef and chicken (carcass) – 90 and 70 cents, respectively. “Today, the average price of beef is 108 UAH, and birds – 54 UAH per kilogram,” – said Doroshenko.


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However, over the last 10 days of August in Ukraine fell by carrots and onions for 60 cents. Mrkovi is 7.9 UAH and onions 6,9 UAH per kilogram.

Recall, despite a seasonal fall in food prices in the summer, experts have predicted that food for Ukrainians will be more expensive. The specialists have calculated that the most money is spent on “milk”.