How to get rid of the unpleasant smell of armpits: the scientific method

Scientists from the Californian University have found a method to cope with unpleasant smell of sweat with foreign bacteria. The researchers said at a dermatology Symposium in Sweden.

According to them, the human body is inhabited by bacteria that can affect health, causing intestinal disorders, immunity and even brain. The skin also has its own microbiome, varies depending on body part. Living in the armpit of bacteria produce compounds that play a role in the formation of a bad smell.

During the study, the researchers transplanted male suffering from bad breath, bacteria from the armpits of his twin brother that did not experience such problems. It helped get rid of the smell. Transplant bacteria was conducted about a year ago and the smell still has not returned.

Subsequently, the experts had this procedure even with 17 pairs of people, one of whom bad groin, and the other was his close relative. 16 participants of the improvement occurred within a month and half preserved for three months or more.

“It’s still a very experimental technique. But it could work,” says one of the experts.