“Still, the Crimea is an indigenously Russian territory”

With a sharp attacks on securely-established party primary candidates from ADH Videl Alice (Alice Weidel) and Alexander Gauland (Alexander Gauland) called to Karlsruhe his party for the elections to the Bundestag. Necessary “week cleansing policy” against the “left-green Zeitgeist,” said 38-year-old Videl on Saturday at the land party Congress. The policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) called Videl left with a black coating.

The Deputy Chairman of the party, Howland said Badnerlandhalle in front of 200 members of the party that it would be “the most difficult election campaign we’ve ever led.” According to him, there will be attacks on apartments and offices of politicians, as well as restrictions when it goes about finding locations for meetings.

Amid intra-party differences, Howland called the “Alternative for Germany” to unite. He acknowledged that with the second main candidate from the party it is not always the same opinion. However, now we have to fight together.

Gowland, calls for good relations with Russia

In foreign policy, Howland demanded the lifting of sanctions against Russia and understanding of the policy of the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin. “Sanctions are always wrong, they are politically incorrect, he Gaoland. And they will not return any particles of the Crimea. Crimea — it’s all the same, traditionally Russian territory, and he could not return to Ukraine”, — he said. The Federal government condemned the annexation of Crimea as a violation of international law. When the Soviet Union gave Crimea to Ukraine.

Gowland criticized that the West after the collapse of the Soviet Union missed the chance to build together with Russia new world order. And about the NATO expansion to the East, he understands Putin’s policies: “We Germans have always been good, when we had good relations with Russia.”

The party’s co-Molten jörg (Jörg Meuthen), who also heads a faction in the land Parliament of Baden-württemberg, refused to participate in the party Congress, which runs until Sunday, due to the cancellation of flight. As reported in it after the holidays stuck at Corfu. Molten not running in the elections to the Bundestag.

Fear of defeat in elections

Members of ADH have complained about the meeting to fall in the polls. But the party claimed, since she speaks openly about the problems, said Stuttgart a candidate to the Bundestag Dirk Spaniel (Dirk Spaniel). “But we do not believe that we will be able to find a solution,” he says. Therefore, the party, according to him, needs to improve its “image of competence”.

According to polls, right-wing populists are currently eight to nine percent, and we can hope that the elections on 24 September will take place in the Bundestag. However, they still hope for a double digit result.

“My goal is to fall as we were confident in the Bundestag”, — said Videl. However, in her speech, she made no mention of his one stated goal of 15%.
On the sidelines of the 11th party Congress of the land of ADH left-wing activists held a demonstration against hatred and persecution of the right. They also tried to prevent the passage of ADG members and guests to the meeting room. The event was guarded by police. According to police, the protests were conducted peacefully.