Wireless headphones have exploded in the ear of the girl on Board

A few months ago, the world was excited by exploding phones, and now it is the turn of headphones. One of the passengers on Board the flight Beijing-Melbourne received multiple minor injuries and badly singed his hair in the fire wireless headphones, according to “Popular Mechanics”.

According to the girl, the situation was pretty scary: waking up from a loud Bang and felt the burning, she grabbed her face and found the hot plastic flowing through the neck. Hastily he tore off his burning device, the girl threw it on the floor where the flight attendant poured water on them. All further trip was in the smoke and soot, and the smell of burning plastic and hair pursued passengers for a long time already on the ground.

Authorities refuse to say what brand were these headphones. The press-Secretary of the ATSB said in an interview with The Daily Mail that “it’s not important.” In fact, it plays a huge role. According to experts, the most likely cause of the fire was the familiar lithium-ion batteries, which in the past were forced to explode and Samsung phones.

If she just bought in China cheap headphones, not to worry — this technique breaks down quickly and often it is because of overheating batteries. But what if it was the branded headphones that the major parties produces some well-known and respected manufacturer?

Cause of spontaneous combustion can be punctured the battery pack, a bad USB cable / charger and many more such trivial things. KIS Bodo, chief engineer-Director of independent research company safety UL, assures that the danger of only 1 in 10 000 000 headphones, but encourages consumers to be vigilant.