Sweden is not a US protectorate

They say that Russia is waging psychological warfare. It’s like the story about the thief who he was shouting: “stop thief!”

The Western media continuously spread disinformation and false accusations, including starting from the operations under a false flag, and ignoring the facts. Events such as destabilization of the US war in West Asia and North Africa, with subsequent waves of refugees are hiding.

Case study: responsibility for the incident with the gas in Idlib in April immediately hung on the Syrian government without any evidence. But when the US used white phosphorus in raqqa and Mosul, as he wrote, for example, in the Washington Post, June 8, no screams followed.

They say that Russia is interfering in the elections of other countries.

Of course, no evidence in favor of this there are no denials — more and more. And it have the audacity to talk to representatives of the militant party of the United States, despite the presence of evidence that the USA interfered in the elections of many countries, even if having in mind only the last years, and supported the color revolutions and coups against the popularly elected politicians, as, for example, in the Ukraine!

Propaganda creates a false picture of the world. It is argued that Russia is a threat. But it is Russia surrounded by 800 military bases. Russia’s military spending according to the Stockholm Institute research problems of the world constitute less than one tenth of total costs of NATO. Russia is currently reducing its defence spending, while NATO is increasing.

At the same time, it is clear that the US and its facilities at the Russian border want to achieve the possibility of first strike nuclear weapons. And who is aggressive and threatening?

Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist (Peter Hultqvist) said may 16 in a sensational speech to his American colleague, James Mattis (James Mattis). He called Russia a big threat and concluded: against this background and in view of common interests, we now want to go side by side with the United States, as it did in the eighteenth century.

Just think about the meaning of the historical reference!

Mattis, in turn, spoke with Sweden, like the protectorate. He unilaterally announced that the United States is the protector of Sweden, and Hultquist’t even responded with a reminder that Sweden is officially out of the alliances!

A small country that had fallen under the wing of a world power, and will not strengthen their security, but on the contrary, puts himself at risk of becoming a target of retaliation in a nuclear war. It must be aware of every responsible citizen.

In September Sweden held a provocative NATO exercises “Aurora 17” with the support of the Treaty on the host country.

Planned large protests. The fact that the supporters of NATO announced members of the broader movement for peace and reduction of tension, for freedom from alliances and wars against NATO, “Putin’s agents”, and I hope to hit by them, when people begin to demonstrate and protest against the propaganda war waged by those in power.