Emmanuel I

The French national Assembly sits in a tight semicircle: plush red chairs huddle in the middle of the rows with benches of Ministers and the Desk of the head of the Parliament.

Selected representatives of the ruling party and the opposition is still divided equally amphitheatre: right — conservatives, left — socialists. From the beginning of the Fifth Republic, only chairs a few years ago, repaired and re-upholstered.

And now this.

After the second round of parliamentary elections historical and political turn in France, touched and placement of chairs. A clear victory of the party President Emmanuel Macron (Emmanuel Macron) provided the deputies of the ruling party, the whole center of the semicircle — the crushing of the democratic rule of the party “Forward, the Republic” (REM).

According to forecasts, REM received 341 of 577 seats — less than in the polls, but still significantly more than an absolute majority, which is achieved by obtaining the 289 seats.

Now the faction of Macron is where to stay, and 135 Republicans will huddle in a small segment, as 43 deputies of the Socialist party, who will have to settle for a few rows of chairs.

Setback for National front

Even if you count marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen) and its seven members of the “National front”, as well as more than two dozen left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Jean-Luc Mélenchon), the team, the opposition still will not be able to effectively challenge the government. Over the next five years they will be on the periphery.

The main characters — the party REM. With this support, the Makron will now be able to spend all of their programmatic reforms. The deputies, a third of them political newcomers, loyal to him, because in the end they owe their mandates to the young President.

And he’s preparing to use absolute most with the absolute power. Despite the poor turnout (vote only every third), macron believes that its legitimacy is not questioned. He runs the country like his predecessors Charles de Gaulle (Charles de Gaulle) or françois Mitterrand (François Mitterrand), like a king: Welcome to France Emmanuel I.

Should the President, like his predecessors, to fear of resistance from their own ranks? Nicolas Sarkozy (Nicolas Sarkozy) has met with opposition in part of Republicans because of the hard-right course. When Francois Hollande (François Hollande) the left opposition — including members of the Cabinet protested against the liberal economic policies of the socialists.

Macron does not tolerate apostates, the President is holding his office with an iron fist. Also in his party, which the campaign called the emerging grassroots movement of citizens, attractive startup that him watching constituencies, candidates and political course.

Gone are the days when the content of the meetings available on the Internet or in social media a few hours after. Often even literal quotations from the meetings of the Cabinet. It’s hard to imagine him, as the Hollande — will reveal their innermost thoughts before the elected editors. “I’m not going to turn journalists into their Confessors,” macron said during the election campaign.

The control freak macron

Even Prime Minister Edouard Philippe (Philippe Édouard) learned about his appointment to the post of Prime Minister only a few hours before the publication of the list of the Cabinet. The reason: the President does not want to obey the rhythm of the news channels and Twitter — instead, he controls even the rhythm of presidential messages.

The names of their Ministers macron called in dead silence. The Elysee Palace is running as “an enclosed yard” — the newspaper “Le Monde”. Leakage mercilessly persecuted. When recently in the daily newspaper “Le Parisien”, published the plans of the forthcoming reform of the labour legislation, macron responded to authoritarian hardness.

First became known details just denied formulations called theoretical considerations. At the same time, the leadership of the Ministry of labor has filed a lawsuit against the editor of the local newspaper. “There are people who have broken the law,” they said in a statement.


Makron — control freak. He’s not talking about his intentions and he sets deadlines for their projects, — said the Deputy who met Him at the beginning of the election campaign.

“The Makron does not limit his vision for the future of France’s five-year stay in office,” he added pointedly.