How to achieve high sales on the phone

Each of us wants to make a career, become famous, rich and happy. But if you want to achieve success, without the constant grinding of skills can not do: career growth requires people skills, flexibility, analytical skills, self-discipline, ability to plan and to think big. But how to use these abilities to become a successful Pro? To help us to understand the rules of effective career volunteered business consultant Igor Khloponin, who with the support of Olerom held in Kiev, training “Master of sales”. A psychologist told how to thoroughly prepare for communication with partners, how to correctly tune your voice, rhythm and speech to conduct successful negotiations, how to turn a “no” client into a “Yes” when it comes to selling goods or services.

VOICE. Important role in the successful career playing the voice said Igor Khloponin. In particular, if the specialist mainly deals with partners and clients by telephone, special attention in their work should be given to timbre. “The success of telephone calls by almost 90% dependent on the voice of the speaker. If the tone is annoying to talk to, he even in the meaning of words to listen will not. It is important to analyze, not annoying your voice to other people. For this you can record your speech on a dictaphone and listen to — after all, as we hear in the conversation and hear around us, — two big differences,” — said Khloponin. According to him, our voice can be in three positions: out of my head (check the sound “n”) from the aperture (“f”) and in the mixed option (“z”). “It is desirable to train all three types of voices. But, as practice shows, partners and customers better perceive the so-called diaphragmatic voice, it creates trust and willingness to listen. It is therefore desirable to develop a habit of speaking with the use of aperture,” — said Khloponin. In addition, in the formulation of successful business negotiations should pay attention to… the rhythm of the diction. “Many famous people have taught themselves during mass demonstrations to speak in a certain rhythm, and the training focused on classical music. Conditional: when playing a Tchaikovsky melody, you can feel the rhythm of the music and to accustom ourselves to speak in this manner. This approach makes people listen to the words of the speaker, even when the music is not playing. For example, Adolf Hitler practiced his speeches to the music of Wagner,” says the psychologist. Finally, the construction of an effective speech, use pauses for three seconds, as this corresponds to the period of human breath. “It is possible to mentally count: 1001, 1002, 1003, defining a three-second pause. Such intervals can be used for semantic accents in speech, people continued to listen to the speech of the speaker”, — tells Igor Khloponin.

CONVERSATION. Telephone negotiations took place successfully, you need to understand that any conversation consists of phases: ritual greeting, personal communication, business conversation. On the ritual level, the interlocutors do not trust the speaker, so to succeed in the beginning of the conversation is rarely. “For a successful phone call you need to carefully consider its structure. Successful, these negotiations can be provided short, positive attitude and competence of the speaker. During each call it is important to always greet a friend, neustanovena using words like “good day!”. Further, it is important to establish informal relationships — to identify and name the person by name and patronymic, as well as to deliver them from the fears, noting that “I was advised to ask you, our friends in common” or “we met you at the specialized exhibition”. Then you need to clearly define the purpose of the call, drawing attention to the benefits of the partner or client. This can be done with the phrase: “I Have an interesting offer for you”. When the man is interested, it is important to ask questions, justifying their desire to identify or form the needs of the company or individual,” explains Igor Khloponin. As the expert emphasizes, the list of such questions can be, for example: “in cooperation with the suppliers that you are targeting in the first place — quality or price?”. Defining the survey requirements of the company or a particular potential client, you can create a mini-presentation, where to reiterate the benefits: “Working with us, you will save on the purchase of 10% of the average price in the market, you will be able to get a bonus in the form of a free service”, “This product or service allow you to increase the number of customers by 20-35% within three months.” “This technique will allow to define criteria for appropriate action. But it is always important to provide the customer with the right choice, emphasizing his individuality. Therefore, if the person has doubts, can be summarized: “Let us develop for you an exclusive offer, based on the needs of your company and discuss the detail during a personal meeting in a week.” This approach will allow to consider telephone calls successful, because it will be formulated a result. This may be a deal or a subsequent meeting, the progress in the form of departure a detailed price list, further communication with the speakers occupying higher positions in the structure of the company.”


Psychologist Igor Khloponin trainer with 20 years of experience. Consults in the field of personnel management, increase sales, successful negotiations, etc., Is the author of unique programs of training in such areas as personal growth, the development of professionally-communicative competency of staff, organizational development of management structures of different companies. And to the audience better assimilate the new material, the training introduces interactive methods, testing, and game elements. Actively working on professional growth with sales representatives, advertising Manager, sales consultants, supermarkets, real estate agents.