Ukraine needs help to defend American General

The former commander of US NATO forces in Europe, General Philip Breedlove said that Ukraine should be able to defend themselves, reports Polish radio.

“Ukraine should be able to defend themselves; this country should focus on domestic reforms, but it spends money to support a very large army in the field,” said Breedlove.

The American military reminded that the situation in Ukraine is complicated.

“Forces (Pro-Russian militants – Ed.) in the Donbas, in the southeastern part of the country, continue to exert pressure on the boundary line with Ukraine. This is forcing Ukraine to keep in the field for the defense of a very large army,” he said.

“All this is very expensive, consumes a lot of energy of the Ukrainian people. Currently, Ukraine must focus on domestic reforms, this is what was discussed on the Maidan. It is difficult to reform, when the money spent on the army in the field. It’s bad. I believe that such pressure on Ukraine aims at creating problems for the government. It would be nice if we found a solution to Ukraine to pursue reforms needed,” said the General.

Previously Philip Breedlove said that the Russian army has become better since the invasion in Georgia before the invasion of the Donbass.