Pitfalls in the installation of boilers instead of hot water

In the summer, when many cities turned off the hot water, says the communications Manager of the DTEK ESKO Anton Kovalishin, Ukrainians massively install water heaters. In addition, in some large cities, for example, in Odessa, the local government decided in the near future to completely abandon the hot water. Citizens will have to think about the installation of boilers.

Along with the growth of energy consumption increases and the load on the in-house network, says Anton Kovalishin. In many buildings the wiring is already time to change. Thus, the aluminum wiring can serve about 30 years, and copper – about 50 years. Often worn or faulty wiring, even in new homes cause fires.

“The deterioration of wiring can manifest itself in the appearance of cracks in the wire insulation and loose contact of contacts in places of attachment to sockets, switches, flaps. In places where this happens, there could be a heated wire, and voltage, increase the load the wire can burn. In addition to the simple wear wires, wiring problems can occur initially during its erection. For example, if a wire somewhere has been hit, damaged insulation, bent, incorrectly made by coiling. In these places, hidden under the plaster, can also be a process of further heating and ignition wires”, – says the expert.

“In places where it occurs, there could be a heated wire, and voltage, increase the load the wire can burn,” – says the expert.

In homes of different types and years of construction wiring is usually laid in the rate of up to 5.5 KW of power consumption. In apartments with electric stoves – 7-9 KW per apartment. Due to wear of the transaction, this figure can be reduced by 20-30%.

For example, an apartment was allocated 5.5 KW of power. Taking into account depreciation posting can carry the actual load up to 4 KW. In the apartment hanging three chandeliers, three light bulbs, each 60 watts – total 0.5 KW. Still have the refrigerator at 1 KW, plus the boiler at 1.5-2 KW. And if to include simultaneously with these appliances and even a vacuum cleaner or washing machine 1.5 KW – the transaction could not withstand, start to heat up and catch fire.

Electrician with 15 years of experience Vitaly Chekh advises every few years to inspect elektroprovodka. “If you notice that the wire or outlet is hot or sparks, or staggers, the wires are loose, or the flashing light when the light is better to contact an experienced certified electrician with good references. It is important that a qualified electrician was conscientious, able to test and troubleshoot, but to explain and understand, to give advice,” says the electrician.

You can also use current devices (RCD), circuit breakers that protect against short circuits and overloads of wiring. As well as differential relays, which protect against leakage current and electric shock, and voltage regulators.

By the way, replacing the old aluminum wiring in a Studio apartment will cost at least 15 thousand hryvnia.