To forbid children to convert to Islam

Parents in a small town on the island of Funen, 15 km from Odense badly shaken, and I actually also. Family on the island of Funen via Facebook learned that their 15-year-old daughter without their consent or knowledge took Elam at a mosque in Vollsmose.

I Express my deepest sympathy to this family. For parents this should be the biggest tragedy, which is generally only possible to imagine.

“This crime against our children and us as parents. They Rob us of the right to parental care when taking our daughter to the mosque and turn it in to Islam without asking us and without informing us about it. She was brainwashed. We couldn’t tell, this is totally unacceptable,” said the mother in an interview with BT.


It’s a Christian family who is now afraid to leave home because it feels like stalking them the entire population of Vollsmose, which communicates with them via Facebook, Messenger day and night and calling my mother at work to force parents to adopt a new religion daughter. The brother of a recent convert girl, who is older than her by one year, repeatedly threatened residents Vollsmose, tell shocked parents.

The fact that her daughter became a Muslim, they also learned from Facebook.

Naser Khader (Naser Khader), a conservative Church Affairs, said in an interview with BT that the tragedy did not surprise him, as it increasingly parents, who are in the same position as the parents from the island of Funen. He acknowledges a big problem the fact that children under the age of 18 can convert to Islam without parental consent.

He wants to know first whether it is a mosque official, and then to sanction of the Imam or the mosque itself. And should not be. You need to change the law.

This case shows the importance of the person occupying the post of Minister of the Church. We have a big migration problem, migration debates went on for 30 years. And why do we never showed the Minister of the Church, who can change this law?

It’s so scary and painful for those families for whom this has happened, it’s just unbearable.

Naser Khader — the person who wants to change this law, and for that deserves praise. But it is necessary to obtain support of the other members of the Conservative people’s party, the government, government parties, and preferably also of the social Democrats. And clicking in the hall of Folketinget, all these parties can demonstrate that’s what they mean when they say that they agree with the tightening of immigration policy and integration policy. If not this support, the proposal Naser Khader will not work. That’s exactly what happened when he and his colleagues have advocated a national, cultural and religious traditions that for millennia has created Denmark.

The last time it happened when he in 2010 proposed to ban the hijab, but officials at the Ministry of justice decided that the proposal to ban the hijab is contrary to the Constitution. But, as we now know it is not. In Austria, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, the ban has already been introduced.

This time, Nasser Khader is against the Ministry of the churches. According to the Ministry, the legislation in this area, which would affect not only Christianity but also other religions should be considered by the Commission of experts of the Ministry.

We all know what conclusions will come such a Commission, therefore, Nasser Khader follows along with the party support for the government first to ask a Minister of the Church Mette Bock (Mette Bock) to create a Commission that only after that it started working.

You cannot underestimate the importance of the fight to ensure that children under 18 years not declared its withdrawal from the national Church, or not addressed in the other religion without parental consent. It’s too much responsibility to lay it on children, and the consequences for families are devastating.

Man is not just a piece of meat or indicator CPR (price educate 1% of the audience advertising
platform — approx. transl.), people formed their culture and their home, so children, naturally, do not have to declare its withdrawal from the national Church or to turn to other religions without parental consent.

Is it possible to prevent this situation remained unchanged? The struggle to change legislation even more important than the ban on the hijab because in this case we are fighting for our Danish daughters and sons.