Puzzles old kenasa in which is situated the House of the actor: the ceiling for connection with space and a door that could only open Gorodetsky

We continue to talk about the unique buildings of Kiev. This time he looked to the closed premises Karaite kenasa, where now is situated the House of the actor.

The main hall is of striking beauty. This cosy scene. It is placed in that part of the building where once was the altar. Behind the curtain of the dressing room for the actors: chairs and mirrors; overhead is a domed ceiling with stucco, is also a part of the altar. Interesting tehpomescheniya at the front doors of kenasa. They are closed for many years, but carried for a while for a vintage pen, I involuntarily shudder, because those doors could open by the architect Gorodetskiy!

To the right of the front door, a beautiful staircase with metal openwork decoration. It leads to the balcony, which is now the radio room. In the old days it was raised Karaite women to prayer.

A number of preserved a bright ceiling, made in Oriental style, and stained glass. The ceiling represents the connection with the cosmos. In this place blessed newborns and the funeral of the dead. The building of 115 years, but the staff claim that the Ghost is not there. On the contrary, it emits an incredible positive energy.

The pre-revolutionary interior. Even with stained glass Windows and ceiling.
Hall. Despite the trouble, looks lovely.
The scene, divided in half by the altar.
The radio shack. Place on top, where it was allowed to pray to women.
Backup. The metal keeps the arch of the building.
The connection with the cosmos. Here read the burial service over the dead.
Jewelry. The remnants of the bright stained glass Windows and unusual ornaments.
Jewelry. The remnants of the bright stained glass Windows and unusual ornaments.
Stairs. Ladies for prayer.
On the railing of a fan of metal.
On the railing of a fan of metal.
Flowers. Frozen for centuries.
Dressing room. The ceiling, decorated with stucco.
Entrance. These doors closed for decades.