After Erdogan, the Pope also correlated Europe from Nazism

When Pope Francis condemned the agreements of the EU with Turkey and Libya, likening the camps for refugees in Europe “concentration camps” of the Nazis, it was a stone thrown into the garden of those who previously vigorously protested the President Erdogan that what is happening in some European countries is reminiscent of Nazism.

The Pontiff, criticizing the agreements of the EU to prevent the entry of refugees in Europe, said: “Many of the refugee camps are concentration camps, because international agreements seem to be more important than human rights”.

A reminder of Nazism

In response to the words of the spiritual leader of the Catholic world about the concentration camps, reminiscent of Nazism in Europe was not followed by a reaction like the one that was shown in response to the words of President Erdogan. Only one Jewish organization expressed outrage, noting: “the Concentration camp was very different from the refugee camps”.

Sometimes the bitter truth of the world through such statements is reflected in public opinion.

The refugee crisis

Perhaps because of the reactions voiced by the Pontiff, again it will remember that position, which condemned the Pope, not satisfied. For example, according to the agreement reached between the EU and Turkey, European countries had to make 72 thousand Syrian refugees in Turkey. But to date in Europe have been able to move only 4.6 thousand refugees. In addition, there is the EU’s decision on the deployment in Europe of 160 thousand refugees in Italy and Greece, by September 2017. However, to date other Europeans took only 16 thousand refugees.

Oh Europe

Interestingly, while the Europeans, who like to boast of human rights, will be able to recover and return to its values? You have probably seen… In accordance with recently published documents, in Germany, when Hitler began the Holocaust, other European countries have deliberately turned a blind eye to it. They took it into account only after they began to fight with Hitler.

– Are you kidding me?

My beautiful country as sheltered Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition in 1492 and opened their universities for the Jewish scientists who fled from Hitler. Except now we don’t have open arms to the millions of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, except in 1917-18 years we have taken hundreds of thousands of Russians fleeing the Bolshevik revolution?

And now the EU, it appears, questioned the use of democracy and human rights in Turkey. How else do we call it if not a mockery?