The Kremlin is more afraid of Russians who grew up during the years of Putin’s rule – The Times

All dictators are afraid to miss an important moment, when the situation begins to change not in their favor. But if the autocrat is still and educated in the KGB, he begins to prepare a plan of retreat in advance. This writes columnist Roger boys on the pages of the British newspaper The Times, Recalling a documentary film by Oliver stone about Vladimir Putin, which he calls naive reports

As noted, in one of the episodes of “The Putin Interviews” the Russian President recognized how much he was afraid of what Boris Yeltsin fired him. “I could think of only one thing: where can I hide the children. I didn’t have guards. Nothing. How could I live?” Putin said in the film.

The British commentator notes that it was the only sincere moment in the movie stone, which he calls false and naive. In this snippet, for a moment you can hear the desperation of the Russian President.

“This uncertainty has returned in the future. The Russian leader thinks: what if the West uses Alexei Navalny to sow anxiety among the “children” of Putin after the election next March and would cast doubt on his victory? And that, as will the chaos in Ukraine?” – the article says.

But most of all, the Kremlin is afraid that “Putin’s children”, that is, the generation of Russians that grew up during the years of his presidency, will cooperate with others who are already protests against his regime: with the truckers and the workers who don’t like the deterioration of living standards, the increase in utility tariffs and dismissal. The protests all these groups are threatened by the fact that someone such as Bulk, can unite the Russians under a single banner of anti-corruption regime.

“It seems longer ruled by Putin, the more it embraces the alarm. Changes are moving fast in Russia, and it is firmly zazhmurivaetsya. While it’s easy to close the mouth of critics like Navalny. But the problems that Navalny drew attention, it is impossible to hide. The Russians want a more effective and honest government”, – stated in the article.

Columnist recalls that Putin system based on personal loyalty and baronial revenues of close people. And it is absolutely contrary to what was requested by the Russians.

Meanwhile, the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine wrote that Putin was not so confident in his popularity. During protests this week, the Kremlin has shown that he wants to strangle the protest movement before they will be able to threaten the regime.