Strikes in Syria point to the confusion

On 4 April, the media reported on the possible use of chemical weapons in Northern Syria in the regions which are under the control of opposition forces. The investigation conducted by international authorities, it became known that there was sarin gas used. It is reported that the victims of this attack were about 100 citizens defenseless. After that, the situation is evolving rapidly. Trump administration concluded that Assad used chemical weapons, and castigated him. She launched a missile attack on bases of the air force of the Syrian army. The administration of Japanese Prime Minister Abe, the Western governments, as well as Hillary Clinton, who was a political enemy of the trump understood about these impacts.

However, I doubt that these strikes will bring good results. Not because I’m against the use of military force. I believe that in international politics the use of military force can be necessary and effective, even if it is not desirable to resort. However, it is important to set goals and calculate the validity of its application.

According to publicized information, from this point of view, this impact is impossible to put a high estimate.

Reflecting on the reasons for these actions, comes to a head in retaliation for use of chemical weapons and the need to prevent their further use. However, Assad’s administration denies any involvement, pointing to the possibility that it was kept in the warehouses of the opposition forces.

These excuses are highly suspect. Despite this, at the moment we can say only that in Syria chemical weapons were used more than once. You can make assumptions that it was used by the Assad administration, but there is no evidence. Difficult to understand why the Assad administration superior enemy from a military point of view, used chemical weapons, thereby triggering a barrage of criticism from the West.

Naturally, we can assume that Assad tried to use chemical weapons to Western countries do not know about it. However, this is only speculation.

Therefore, if the Syrian government really used chemical weapons, the West wants to punish them and prevent similar situations in the future, you need to check all institutions of al-Assad, including military facilities, as well as to find informants in the government. Got to let the world know about the activities of the government of Syria. At least the situation was clarified, the security Council of the UN.

Until recently, the administration of the tramp gave priority to the destruction of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), criticized the Obama administration for its unclear policy towards Russia, which supports Assad. Soon trump was interested in the fact that Assad himself has fought ISIS and ended the civil war.

It is not clear whether these missiles changes in the original course. The impression is that Washington wants to ensure that the administration of al-Assad used chemical weapons, but stopped a civil war. The US is the script, which you can only dream of.

Unclear actions against the Assad administration plunged into chaos the entire us policy in Syria and the middle East in General, and only will aggravate the burden of the United States.

In addition, some experts tend to believe that these missiles indicate that, unlike the Obama administration, trump is ready without hesitation to use force and sometimes act irrationally, which was a signal to countries like North Korea.

Perhaps this was the reason that these blows were inflicted in the midst of the U.S.-China summit, one of the Central themes of which was the DPRK issue. Such a possibility can not be denied. However, there are cases when for such cheap threats have to pay a high price.

The fact is that if the opponent does not refuse the provocation, will need to continue fighting or to make concessions and to feel the bitterness of humiliation. In both cases, the superpower will lose much.

In the end, these bumps just showed the administration’s commitment trump and brought a little satisfaction to Western countries from the point of view of morality. Other results I do not see. After the end of the cold war, the West has repeatedly resorted to military power, however, examples where it has benefited little.

The incident once again showed that in the current international situation of the local and obscure situations can have a serious impact on the actions of the superpowers, but also on international politics in General. Where the flash new wick? Need to prepare for the fact that the situation does not allow respite will continue.