“Food revolution” in the army soldiers being transferred to the food on the buffet

In the Armed forces of Ukraine in 2017 introduced a new power system for soldiers, which will be implemented on the principle of a buffet. That is, the soldiers will be able to come to the dining room and choose their Breakfast, lunch or dinner from several dishes, and not to any specific set, as it was until now. It built on this principle of power system in the armies of the countries — members of NATO, Canada and the United States, with which Ukraine and took a sample.

A SUCCESSFUL EXPERIMENT. That the army introduced new standards of power, defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said on January 26 during a meeting of the Committee for the reform of the defense Ministry. As the Minister said, at the end of the experiment, which was conducted in the National Academy of Land forces. Peter Sahaidachny, in Lviv and in the Western naval base in Odessa, in 2017, the experience gained will be extended to 25 military units of the APU. For this last year approved a special catalogue of products that comply with NATO standards, said Poltorak.

Experiment with food in Lviv and Odessa began in the fall of 2015. It was to ensure that soldiers were fed at the buffet during Breakfast, lunch and dinner, soldiers could choose from several dishes, drinks and dessert, and did not receive a ready-made kit, as it was until now. As explained by the head of food service National Academy, major Yuri Slezko, in Lviv the experiment took place from 16 September 2015 to 31 March 2016. “Every day the soldiers had a choice of salads made of fresh vegetables, fruits, including exotic ones, and the first and second courses of meat, fish and poultry,” — said Slezko. According to him, during the experiment among the students is regularly carried out surveys to find out which of the dishes they like the most. “In General, people were satisfied — they have always been able to take an extra dose,” said the major.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE. As explained by one of the ideologists of the “food reform” in the Ministry of defence, member of the so-called volunteer landing Diana Petrenya, previously the soldiers were fed according to the requirements of the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers No. 426 (“On nutrition standards military APU”). The document included a fairly hard list of products from 70-90 titles, of which in reality used 40-45. “These regulations are not many different foods that we eat and drink every day, such as coffee and yogurt,” said Petrenya. During the experiment in Lviv and Odessa managed to establish a directory of 348 items, leaving a much wider choice for cooking quality food.

Appropriate changes to nutritional standards were adopted in the end of last year and 19 January, the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak signed the concept and the plan for the reform of the power system in the armed forces until 2020. “This means that there will be a buffet, selection of dishes, salads, yoghurts and juices. For repair and equipment of canteens and food processing enterprises have already been allocated 150 million UAH. It’s all the plan for this year. Such amounts, of such procurement, such repair dining was not for the 25 years of independence of Ukraine”, — commented the assistant Secretary of defense Yury Biryukov.

According to him, if earlier for the results of the tenders the whole army was fed only four of the supplier, now the defense starts to buy food directly (in Lviv, one of the suppliers was a major international retailer), and the cook will be military personnel, not representatives of the suppliers. “In 2017, this approach will be applied to 25% of the personnel from training centres to universities, from units of the Air forces to the airborne brigades. In 2018, the number of military units expand, and in 2019 this system we will transfer the entire army,” — said Biryukov.

ACCORDING TO NATO STANDARDS. According to Yuri Slezko, during the organization of the new power system is based on the experience of Canada and the United States who are members of the Alliance: “it is significant was a system organized for military personnel from different countries during multinational military exercises that took place in the Lviv region. In addition, individual officers of the home front of the Academy had the opportunity to learn about best practices in catering personnel during trips abroad”.

How to feed soldiers in a foreign army, the Ukrainian armed forces could meet before the beginning of the “food reform” in the defense Ministry, for example while serving in various peacekeeping missions under the auspices of the UN and NATO. The author of these lines visited the location of Ukrainian peacekeeping contingent in Sierra Leone, as well as at the us base Bondsteel, where he was stationed Ukrainian soldiers, part of an international NATO force KFOR in ensuring stability in Kosovo. In all cases the food was organized on the principle of a buffet. Breakfast, lunch and dinner served in a certain period of time, that is, the soldiers could eat when it is convenient, not when it is required by strict routine. While in the dining room unable to eat a variety of rank — differences between officers and soldiers in this sense are almost there.

In the same way Ukrainian soldiers were fed and during a mission in Iraq in 2003-2005 Participant in the mission of chief editor of “Information resistance” Yuri, Karin, said that the soldiers had the choice of two first courses, as a rule, it was chicken broth or tomato soup, and three or four kinds of rice, vegetables or potatoes. The second was served Turkey, beef or chicken. “Pork in Muslim Iraq was rare, but sometimes the cooks were roasting sheep on a spit, and all the troops could enjoy this joy,” he remembered Karin. According to him, the cost of this daily diet was 20-25 dollars. According to Yuri Biryukov, in the case of Ukraine managed to reach the cost of 65 UAH 65 kopecks.

If in our country the ration for soldiers was developed and “pushed” the volunteers, in the U.S. it is a Research center of soldiers ‘ equipment. The quality of food keeps the joint culinary center of the U.S. army, which also offers the chefs.

The US army decided to consider the food preferences of military personnel who depend on faith or desire to eat certain foods. For example, in the diet should include vegetarian, kosher or Halal food, especially if the number in need of such dishes people exceeds 10% of the personnel. The American soldiers are trying to limit the use of sweet water, white bread or biscuits, following the principles of healthy eating. Food is usually served three times a day however on weekends or public holidays, commanders can arrange additional meals. Sometimes on military bases there are bars where soldiers can go and eat.

As in peacekeeping, U.S. army officers and soldiers eat in the same dining room. Meanwhile, for the lower ranks there is always a choice: they either eat free or receive a financial allowance to allowance. Officers are deprived of the opportunity to eat for free, so always pay for their meals initially receiving the payment. It should be noted that on system power on buffet and passed in the Russian army. For example, lunch servicemen of the Russian army consists of two prepared salads, two soups, three hot dishes, several side dishes, tea or juice.