Dark under the chandelier Putin

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A few days ago in an interview with the American NBC TV channel, Putin replied to questions about the intervention in the US presidential election last year. Putin complained that all the charges are baseless. And that no one was left in no doubt, Putin said: “no One has ever shown me one shred of direct evidence”.

The journalist said that US intelligence agencies unanimously assert: evidence the intervention is more than enough. Also — I would add, because in an interview it may sound — there are eloquent details that have become public, what Putin, of course, well known. For example, we are talking about the hacker group called Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear who operate from the headquarters of the FSB on Lubyanka square in Moscow and leave cybernetic traces.

Putin sighed, made a pathetic face and said, “There is a version that the murder of President Kennedy organized a secret services of the United States. If this story is true, and that cannot be excluded, what is easier in today’s environment, using all the technical possibilities of intelligence agencies, to organize attacks accordingly, referring to Russia.”


Of course, NBC could do an interview with sharper Putin to say something even more stupid. However, rather than complain about the meekness of the journalist, let me remind you that “misinformation” is one of the proven tools of Kremlin propaganda. Putin, a man with a past agent of the KGB and then the FSB, did not try to refute the truth about the hacking, parried, for example, like this: “We are not saints, but look at what makes the West, as he wants to destroy our order.” Putin just denied everything, not even blushing, and probably hoping that his words ring true.

Why would he want to think about it. Most importantly, what a pleasure he is experiencing, looking at the decomposition of American democracy when, for example, in the Senate, the head of the FBI, James Comey under oath accuses the incumbent President of lying.

Similarly, perhaps, Putin should be happy the way this scandal is growing: on Tuesday in the Senate was made by Jeff sessions, attorney General of the United States. A few months ago, this man has officially refused the supervision of the FBI investigation, which discovers, not coordinated members of the election team trump the actions of the Russian hackers. If it was, then it is — neither more nor less — of treason, and can be started the constitutional process of impeachment of Donald trump.

It should be noted that sessions was entrusted with the supervision of investigation of his Deputy. The attorney General was forced to make after it became known that on the eve of his appointment, he hid during a hearing in the Senate at least two meetings with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak.

In short, the attorney General himself is involved in what is being investigated by the FBI.

How to protect yourself? We still don’t know

Today, Putin looks to the West as how it is perceived by the leaders of the Soviet Union. Deep down, they probably admired his sophistication, creativity, and especially of its prosperity, but knew his Achilles ‘ heel: the ideological schism caused by freedom of speech.

In ancient times, when there was no Internet, the purpose of Soviet espionage operations was the deepening of this split. Example — support for pacifism and well-known and well-documented financial assistance to the movement of the left protesting against the deployment of U.S. missiles “Pershing” in Europe in the 80-ies.

The principle of destabilizing the Kremlin to “work” abroad, remained the same. An example would be the referendum that was held last year in the Netherlands on the issue of associate membership of Ukraine in the European Union. Then the Russian spies spread false news that Europe is allegedly threatened by the influx of cheap labor from Ukraine.

If you go back to the United States, as the example already mentioned is extremely successful theft of e-mails Democrats. Because of this diversion before the election was thrown a shadow on the reputation of Hillary Clinton, which, of course, didn’t like Putin over its support of anti-Kremlin demonstrations in 2011. After the publication on the website WikiLeaks material, stolen by the Russian hackers, it was clear that serious doubts about Clinton’s experience, even people from her entourage. And, no doubt, because of this history, Hillary Clinton has fallen in the eyes of their constituents.

And, of course, not all. Think of the phenomenon of fake news, similar to one recent report, published at first glance an ordinary news server Truetrumpers.com (“Real trnovci” — approx.ed.). Supposedly in Oklahoma, a Muslim refugee attacked a pregnant woman and seriously wounded her. The news was accompanied by a photo of a battered woman. It was later revealed that “illustration” borrowed one from a horror movie. The message ended suggestive question under the picture: “do you Agree to hang the culprit?” As you know, the danger of such news that they share on social networks, where users can easily accept such information reliable.

Let us recognize that the West, including the Czech Republic, have not yet figured out how to effectively defend themselves from misinformation. And it is also unknown how quickly and convincingly accuse Vladimir Putin of lying. That is how to make sure that our government could present evidence, for example, Russian Subversion of cybernetic work, but that this intelligence was not afraid that they will exposed their sources and reveals the anti-Russian know-how.

Putin seeks only the lifting of sanctions?

Probably the only plus of all this is that Putin, despite great efforts, did not achieve the lifting of sanctions. Them against Russia imposed three years ago after the occupation of Ukrainian Crimea. Moreover, the day before yesterday due to a rare unanimity of the representatives of two political parties, the U.S. Senate extended sanctions now, even in the form of law. This means that sanctions are no longer a presidential decree and the head of the White house already can not simply to cancel them. The European Union decided to extend sanctions in the spring.

However, it begs the question of whether the lifting of sanctions is important, what Moscow wants?

This is worth considering in light of recent information that the American President is about to suspend, and Robert Mueller, who last month was appointed as an independent investigator, who should know, whether there was a hacker coordination between the team of trump and Putin. It is easy to guess that this resignation will only confirm the desperation of the White house and would be tantamount to suicide. The situation is reminiscent of 1973, when Richard Nixon fired Archibald Cox who was investigating the Watergate scandal. As you know, it just brought the resignation of Nixon.

Perhaps the prospect of an avalanche that will lead to unimaginable earthquake, and pleases Putin the most.