What Putin did not say anything

Communication with the citizens, or rather, a staged show of Vladimir Putin first sent to the “processing” of Russian voters before the presidential election in 2018. It is not surprising that too many questions couldn’t sound. But you can try a little to fill this gap, collecting is somewhat inconvenient for Putin so that he did not notice or paid attention to.

“We will investigate”. This phrase, Russian President Vladimir Putin a lot of time answering questions from Russian citizens during a straight line on 15 June. Those who wished to file a “petition to the king” was probably satisfied with the hours of “communication,” traditional “jokes” in the style of Gopnik of the gate and jaded by promises that Russia is strong as ever and that’s all the wins, and the 13,5% of Russians can not live, as there are below the poverty line, it is, of course, the trouble, but the situation is fixable, because the Russian economy thanks to the “wise ruler” out of the crisis, and in the 90s, if you remember, was even worse and nothing…

However, all this once again looked badly choreographed staging. Especially against the background of videovelocity of shabby barracks and trailers, in which the citizens live in the XXI century and where it seems only the arrival of the crew, the utility removed the stalactites from the excrement. But the Russians, in addition to communal problems, low wages and pensions that, according to Putin, causes outrage and even disapproval, because it is “nonsense” and “nonsense”, and what he must sort out personally, as well as high prices (even the substitution doesn’t help), have traditionally been interested in the issues of gays in Europe, knowledge of Russian literature by the President of Ukraine and, in General, the establishment of a world order with the direct participation of Russia as one of main geopolitical players.

It turns out that instead of specific recipes from the President of the Russian Federation, concentrated in his hands all power in the country, about how the Russians survive with miserable wages, without housing, medicine, education with the disgusting, in the absence of normal law enforcement and judicial systems, Vladimir Putin spoke about the growth of production, the restoration of the “missile, aircraft, electronics, heavy engineering,” the growth of wheat exports and finding new markets for Russian meat in China.

Therefore, no matter how much Putin is not mocked questions about the staging issues (sorry for the tautology), of course, that they “made” his statement to the people. For example, the father of the recruit, quite by accident at this point to take the oath in one of the Russian cities, drawn to the wrong, whether to send his son to die in the Ukrainian Donbass and the middle East, and what “lessons” from fighting in Syria “have learned the Russian armed forces” that are there. The answer was expected: “In Syria we have tried in the latest weapons systems in combat… This is a valuable experience.”

But, no matter how much Russia tried “to establish a peaceful process of conflict resolution”, it carries in Syria and combat losses. About it Vladimir Putin chose not to mention.

Similarly, the Russian President dodged the question about the opposition and protests. No word has been said about the recent riots truckers, who announced in March an indefinite country-wide strike, or thousands detained in Moscow and St. Petersburg this Monday. Probably, in the world Vladimir Putin, nothing of this exists. But, in his opinion, the opposition, which “speculates on the challenges”, has no right to dialogue with the government. Like, you can talk only with those who “provides solutions”. Whether there are such (and who are these people), however, did not say.

In the same vein, Putin was saying about the dirt that appears in the media and the Internet on Russian officials. A hint of “Dimona” is obvious, but… the President of the Russian Federation stated that it could be information spreading, which is quite a lot. Moreover, “the Internet is often used for political struggle”. Therefore, any information should be checked, “and to draw final conclusions only on the basis of objective data.” In other words, all the complaints Russians on corrupt officials go by. If the Prime Minister is untouchable “Dimon”, and others have nothing to fear.

Another seems to be painful for Putin’s question — LGBT. Not for the first time the Russian President is trying to show the shame of this topic, using grimaces at the word “blue”. Say, Ukraine should be cautious with bezveza and Europe, as “blue” in the EU “more than us”. “Let not relax, let him carefully glances to the sides,” — said Putin addressed to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, commenting on his statement about getting Ukraine visa-free regime with Europe. “We have nothing against you, he added to the “blue”, considering it very witty. Good luck with it, especially with the “recruits” are”. In this remark, the Studio responded with a laugh. And, obviously, Putin enjoys such reaction of the Russian audience. It is a pity that the President of the Russian Federation forgot to mention exactly how gay crack down in Chechnya. And to explain to the Russians, where in Moscow began to receive LGBT refugees from Grozny. Of course, much easier scrape laugh at this “European phenomenon” and to destroy the Russian LGBT community, pretending that in Russia they don’t exist.