A crocodile ate a girl during religious ablution in the river Indus

20-the summer inhabitant of India was eaten by a crocodile in the river Indus in the eyes of his family, when he participated in a religious ablution.

The tragedy occurred on the territory of the national Park Chambal in Uttar Pradesh in the North of the country. A girl named niraj came to the river, along with other members of his family to swim in the framework of the ritual. associated with the sacred for the Hindu day of “Ekadasi”, reports Times of India.

When the crocodile grabbed the girl, her family tried to raise the alarm, but it was too late. Currently, local authorities together with the police and divers are searching for bodies niraj.

According to biologists, the crocodiles have now is the season for laying eggs, so the animals can behave especially aggressively defending offspring. Most likely, the girl got too close to the place of the lining.

Earlier it was reported that the social network Facebook is gaining popularity video, in which a crocodile almost bit off the hand that feeds it to the man.