How will it affect Israel Qatari crisis?

Qatari crisis was enabled to see clearly that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not the first place in the regional balance of power. The rupture of relations between the Gulf countries and their rich neighbour is a turning point in the history of the middle East region. This diplomatic demarche with extraordinary sharpness highlight the line of confrontation between the “moderate” Sunni States (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, Palestinian authority) and the axis of radical Islam, which consists of Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Assad’s Syria and Hamas in Gaza. Qatar tried to sit on two chairs, maintaining contacts with the two geopolitical camps. But the Gulf countries are tired of Qatari support for terror and close cooperation with their main enemy — Iran.

It is considered that the essence of this conflict is the confrontation between Sunnis and Shiites represented by Iran and Hezbollah. But in this case we are talking about something else. It should also be recalled that there are Sunnis that are fighting other Sunnis. For example, “Muslim brotherhood,” and ISIS (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.) — Sunni groups.

International media have talked mainly about the economic consequences of the gap to the Arabian Peninsula, including military action in Yemen. However, the Qatari crisis is important for Israel as well. The main reason is that Qatar is the main financial and diplomatic sponsor of Hamas in Gaza. If Qatar will stop financial support to Hamas, it might make hunted into a corner, Hamas leadership to enter into another round of military confrontation with Israel. After all, the economic crisis in Gaza has become one of the main factors of the summer war of 2014. At first glance, the rupture of relations between Qatar and Hamas is beneficial to Israel, however, this can result in unwanted for Israelis developments.

The ongoing European terrorism (recent attacks in London) also affect Israel. In the last period of significantly increased exports of products of the Israeli military industry in European countries, strengthened, and intelligence ties between Israel and Europe. Israeli concern “a’s-Maarahot” announced a deal with European States, the amount of which is $ 390 million. The week before in Germany approved the deal on acquisition of drones manufactured by the Israeli company “TAAS averit”, in the amount of $ 600 million.

However, the most important consequence of Islamist terror in Europe is a radical revision of the old concept, according to which the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the main source of international terrorism. Even the most hostile towards Israel Swedish politicians don’t say something like that.