Houston project for extermination of the Slavs

Today there is no Hitler, but the Balkan Serbs, select the site, so they need to develop and rise (in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia deprived Kosovo and Metohija and in Montenegro), and do not allow people to unite. The target is not only the South Slavs. What happens to the Lusatian Serbs? And with the Ukrainians? As a Russian living in the former Soviet republics? Of course, many questions and answers very few. And in fact, the theme of relations between the West and the Slavs only occasionally rises modestly on Internet portals, but the major media does not reach it.

Therefore, the study of “the West against the Slavs of the” Armenian author Vazgen Avagyan L., a follower of the Novosibirsk economic-social school, has made a bombshell. This study was published in many Russian Internet resources, and it says that the struggle of the West with the Slavs is obvious. In this struggle, the applied methods already tested during the extermination of the Indians in America. The West is destroying the Slavs, already trying on Greeks and Armenians as the next candidates for extermination. Of course, their turn will come when Slavs will be finished.

How to explain the fact that on 21 may 2017, the Kiev government has blocked the transit of goods to Transnistria without the consent of Moldova and Romania? Kiev made it on demand of Brussels. Transnistria is Slavic enclave, whose inhabitants consider themselves to be mostly Ukrainians. “Ukrainian nationalism” is also doing to the citizens of Ukraine, that is, the Slavs, the left Bank of the Nistru river, and this territory went to Romania, as again required by Brussels.

The attitude of Kiev to Transnistria exposes the real face of the Kiev junta, which was responsible for not only the destruction of the “Russian Empire”, but it is becoming clearer — all the Slavs. Because if between Ukraine and Russia started this war, i.e. the conflict between the Slavs themselves, favor for themselves would learn again the West.

The Destruction Of Macedonia

If we turn to the Balkans, we can see that the media Union strongly confirmed the willingness of Brussels and the European capitals to destroy one small Balkan state of Macedonia. Brussels is ready to give Macedonia to the Albanians, as the first did with Kosovo and Metohija, taking them from the Serbs, and Slavs too. From statements of politicians, analysts and intellectuals is clear that the Albanians want to “albaniasat” all Macedonians and fully capture their state. This will put an end to the existence of Macedonia, which we know, and indeed the Slavs in the region. This will be a big blow for the Serbs and the Greeks, because the message between them will control the non-Orthodox Albanians. The Greeks are almost completely surrounded, and the only thing they will have is a “loophole” in Bulgaria. Of course, the desire of the West (USA and the European Union) requiring that “the Macedonian Parliament condemned in its resolution, the genocide of the Albanian people” in Macedonia in the period from 1912 to 1956″, outrageous. But that’s not all. Washington Times writes, “Western society will be open to achieve the transfer of power to the opposition, despite the fact that the Albanian faction admits the ethnic cleansing among the Slavs, who do not want to “avansirovatsya””.

And here the question arises: if the West killed of Russians and Serbs under the pretext that they are “imperialists and colonialists”, why now he wants to exterminate the Macedonians who had been (in 1945, and then in 1993) have renounced their Serbian identity and adopted an artificial Macedonian identity. Did the Macedonians not fulfilled completely all desires of the West? Now there is a desire that they themselves eliminated in the most terrible sense of the word. Macedonians should become Albanians, or in Macedonia will not be simple.

A similar method was applied to the Serbs in Republika Srpska Krajina and in Kosovo and Metohija. The Serbs, who did not want to become Croats or Albanians, were expelled. (That drove out their Slavic Judas — the Croats — a small consolation.)

How to deal with Russians and Serbs

But the Croats, of course, nothing pleases. They think they are friends with the West, and once they are members of NATO, they will be left alone. When in the West the question arises, whom to support — the Islamists or the Croats, the latter will betray and side with the Wahhabis. Remember the Republic of Herceg-Bosna, which the Croats had created in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the war in BiH, more precisely in 1992-1993, the Islamists destroyed the Roman Catholic Croats with the same zeal, that the Orthodox Serbs. What happened? Liquidation of Herceg-Bosna and the enforcement of the West and the Vatican, as noted Avagyan.

Now the Croats living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, dissatisfied with their position in the Federation, but the West will not help them. Judas has done his job and now can disappear and the West will not shed them no tears. Won’t breathe, because it ignores that during the Second world war, the Nazis committed genocide of the Slavic peoples, especially Russians and Serbs. West to heaven, fanning the Holocaust (it is the destruction of a third of all Jews, according to the UN), but at the same time does not remember that he was killed by the same Russian. And we add — and the Serbs. So the number of dead Slavs is greater than the number of murdered Jews. However, the West does not recognize the Holocaust of the Russian and Serbian peoples. Why?

Where are the museums of the Russian and Serbian Holocaust? How the West refers to the Jasenovac? Where compensation for so much suffering and sacrifice? Instead to pay respects to the victims of the Slavs (Russians and Serbs), the West is engaged in falsification of history. In most countries, controlled by the West, young people think that the Americans liberated Europe from Nazism. So I think even in Bulgaria. All the West is doing in order to blame the victim in the outbreak of two world wars and to underestimate the achievements of the Slavs in the struggle against Nazism (ten times). The message is clear: the genocide was one, and the monopoly on it belongs to the Jews.

In the West there are conflicts associated with the Jews, but there is no desire to exterminate them. It is quite another thing — Slavs. There was no conflict because there is a consensus, which is easily read politically to the Russians, Serbs, Ukrainians. Is associated with the denial of the genocide committed against the Russians and Serbs. Existing in the West, the consensus of the Slavs imply their extermination. Any resistance on their part, the struggle for existence and strengthening of national identity and the state of one or another Slavic people to the West condemns and suppresses at its root. It is worth Recalling that the Western scientists built the etymology of the word “Slavs” to the word “slave.” But it’s not about free, almost animal, and weak-willed man, a subhuman, a servant in essence. This has led some Russian authors come to the conclusion that the West has once again started a war against the Slavs. But no politician in the Slavic world does not say — even in Russia and Serbia, which is now threatened by the greatest danger.

From Harvard to Houston

Eugene Magda writes that the West wants to destroy the Slavic world, and this is fueling the war in Europe. Magda recalls that in the early 80-ies of the last century the Soviet KGB learned about the “Harvard project.” It was the plan of the Anglo-Saxons to destroy the Slavs, primarily the Russians and the Serbs, through the collapse of the Soviet Union and social system established by the Communist party. In the third volume of the “Harvard project” (“the End”) says about the destruction of post-Soviet Russia and the looting of its wealth. But that’s not all. After the “Harvard project” appeared “Houston project” aimed exclusively at Russia. The West planned to divide it into small States. While there are openly stating that Siberia would control US, North-West of Russia, Germany, South and Volga region — Turkey and the far East — Japan.

Special attention in “the Houston project” was given to the Slavs, or rather, their utter destruction, regardless of nationality. It was about the literal destruction of 300 million Slavs with the help of fomenting civil wars, such as those that were on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. Quote from “the Houston project”: “the Ukrainians will think that fighting with Russia, they are fighting for their independence, which ultimately will get freedom, but in fact will fall into complete dependence on us. The same will happen with the Russians. Everything will be done under the pretext of gaining sovereignty, the struggle for their interests and national ideals. However, we will not allow any of the parties self-determination on the basis of national values and traditions. In this war Slavic fools will be weakening itself and strenghtening us.” Further, the authors write: “We know that nationalism strengthens the nation, making it stronger. International slogans are outdated and do not bear fruit. We will replace them with universal values that are the same. We will not allow neither nationalism nor the development of the national movements, who would like to get rid of our dictatorship. We will destroy them, as had done in Yugoslavia, Serbia, Iraq…”

In the above-mentioned projects Slavs called rebellious and isolated Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians and Serbs. In addition to the war as a means to destroy the Slavs, primarily the Russians, will be applied and climatic weapons. With it, the Slavs will be forced to move and mix with other peoples, and thus to put an end to his own existence.

The cultural war of the USA with Russia

The debate about the cultural war between the US and Russia and its consequences broke out after the Pew research center published the results of a survey conducted in the period from June 2015 to June 2016. According to rod Drera, it became clear that the vast majority of Orthodox people see the West as a threat not only in the economic sphere and in the matter of their own identity, but also in the field of security and values. People also believe that the West threatens their existence.

In addition, the survey showed that even among the Roman Catholic Slavs have intellectuals who share the above views of the Orthodox. For example, Ryszard Legutko, a Polish Roman Catholic philosopher, believes that the West enforces “cultural imperialism, which could not hide even from his own community, though engaged in such attempts”. The most striking difference from that of the Orthodox and Western Christians that the Orthodox do not believe that the correct social pattern — that of liberal individualism.

The rejection of Western liberal ideas and values (gay rights and other minority rights) in the Orthodox States does not mean intolerance as portrayed in the West. The other view of man, the Church and society. Orthodox, that is very interesting, did not destroy any minority, in contrast to the West. A war of the West with their traditions under the banner of global liberalism Orthodox Christians is considered aggression, while many Western officials explain their actions to combat intolerance.

Western man’s cultural imperialism is a state of mind and normal social phenomenon, which he justifies, although committing a strategic error. Western man does not think about how others perceive his imperialism, notes, Drar.