Scientists have discovered how political affiliation is connected with respect to obesity

The political affiliation of a citizen of the United States may be associated with his point of view about the causes of obesity.

A study published by American scientists in the journal American Politics Research, briefly about it, reports the University of Kansas.

The authors showed that supporters of the Republican party, regardless of whether they have excess weight responsible for obesity, think of the man — his diet and lifestyle.

The point of view of the Democrats is fundamentally different. Those who is overweight, take the blame for it. According to them, obesity is responsible for the innate genetic factors. Meanwhile, the Democratic party of normal weight similar point of view, do not adhere to on this matter agrees with the Republicans.

To such conclusions scientists have come applying the theory of attribution (build on how people explain the behavior of others) to the analysis of the causes that shape American attitudes toward the nature of obesity. Their findings, the authors checked up on reviews of existing studies of the U.S. adult population.

The work of scientists shows that often the adoption of certain solutions to combating obesity and its prevention may be due to personal political preferences. In particular, proponents of the view that obesity is caused by genetic reasons, can counteract discriminatory measures on people with excess weight.