“An excuse to go to Ukraine”: the historian called the arrogance of the Kremlin

Russian and American historian, theorist of art and culture, philosopher, film critic, scholar, Professor, new York University Mikhail Yampolsky believes that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is convinced that Ukraine is devoid of nationhood; for the Kremlin, is a sufficient reason “to go to Ukraine with his army”, writes “Obozrevatel”.

He recalled that Putin “has repeatedly said: “Ukraine is not a state.”

“It’s not about the fact that in Ukraine there is something different about the people, not the identity, not the culture. No. Ukraine is something that has no real state,” said the historian.

“The weakness of the state, in their opinion, stems from the fact that in Ukraine there is a real party, where a real fight, there are real elections and so forth,” said Yampolsky.

In this context, he said: “we Must admit that Ukraine really is the weakness of the state”. “But it is the arrogance towards Ukraine relies heavily on the opinion of the state, which would like to be absolutist (it is not, because there are all and so apart) in relation to a country where they don’t see strong state power. For them it is a sufficient excuse to go to Ukraine with his army,” – said the expert.