A symbol of aggression

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on 12 June signed a law banning the manufacture and promotion of the St. George ribbon. “It is not the symbolism of the Second world war, it is a symbol of aggression against Ukraine in 2014 — 2017 years. It is Russia that its policies have put the tape outside the law”, — said Poroshenko. HB says, what conflicts provoke the ribbon of St. George for the last two years.

Decorated for the holidays

Most of the scandals around the St. George ribbon occurs during the celebration of Victory Day. Last year, before may 9, the administration of Solomenskiy district of Kiev decorated her official website with a photograph of the students in the form of “red army” and with St. George ribbons. The photo caused outrage among Ukrainians. Site Solomensky district state administration apologized and replaced the photograph on the image of the Ukrainian coat of arms on the background of sunflowers. “On the official website had mistakenly posted a photo from five years ago. The website designer did not notice the presence of the St. George ribbon on the picture. The responsible person will bear disciplinary responsibility”, — noted in his message of the power of the Solomenska RSA.

Gift Dad

On 5 may last year, the Russian state Duma Deputy from the Communist party Pavel Dorokhin an audience at the Vatican, Pope Francis congratulated the Pope with the coming Victory Day and asked him to wear a St. George ribbon. Dad agreed, what has shocked Ukrainians. The Director of the Vatican press centre father Federico Lombardi explained that Pope Francis did not know of the nature and history of the gift. “Things like that during the audience the Pope happen quite often, and anticipate the intentions of the parties is almost impossible,” said Lombardi.

Pursued to tie the ribbon

May 8, 2016 in the Donbass patrol of the OSCE mission began to pursue a car with no license plates in which were four men and one woman. Twice, when the patrol was stopped at a traffic light, the driver of the car approached the car and tried to attach black and orange ribbons of St. George. After 20 minutes the car with the militants of terrorist organizations “L/DNR” is gone.

From flash mob to fight

In March this year during a meeting of the public Council under the Ministry of defense veteran and ATO activist Dmytro Reznichenko hit the head of this Council, Colonel-General Victor Paliy. Volunteer Roman Sinitsyn on his page in Facebook wrote that “the cause of the dispute were accusations from the USSR to the “organization of veterans of Ukraine” and its leader — eks-the Deputy from Communist party of Ukraine Petro Tsybenko in the organization last year in Kiev, “Putin flash mob with Colorado tapes” money from the Ukrainian budget”.

Burned the “eternal flame”

9 may in Mariupol Pro-Russian participants of the action “Immortal regiment” brought to the monument to the Victims of fascism of flowers tied with a ribbon of St. George. Pro-Ukrainian activist-volunteer Galina Odnorog unleashed the St. George’s ribbon and bouquet of flowers, saying that in Mariupol will never be the Russian Federation and all the ribbons are burned, threw it in “eternal flame”. St. George ribbon burned in other cities of Ukraine.

Puncture Tymoshchuk

Former captain of the national team of Ukraine Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, who is now part of the coaching staff of the Russian “Zenith”, together with other members of the club honored the memory of victims of world war II in St. Petersburg. The players and coaches visited a local monument “Motherland-Mother” and put it to the base of a wreath and red carnations. The flowers, which are carried Tymoshchuk, were tied with the St. George ribbon.