The third world war began: the war in the fog

Open your eyes! Look back, remember the last few years and try to rethink them again. Look around carefully around. No help messages about what is happening in the world now better understand what happened and is happening in Poland? Indeed, in many places began to occur the events, which did not exist before or which looked completely different.

A few years ago, I did not hesitate to call it paranoia. I probably said many times, and wrote something like, ridiculing conspiracy theories. Now I was not at all funny at the sight of the cover of the magazine Gazeta Polska (Polish approximate to the manual), which depicts a burning plane and the headline: “New witness: the Tupolev was flying and burning.” It’s probably two hundred “brilliant” theory based on known and studied facts. Why, why, who needs it? After all, we see that without the “attack” case “Law and Justice” (PiS) (the ruling party of Poland, approx. TRANS.) are better, she quietly gaining points with the help of social programs and xenophobia.

What’s the matter?

When the experts of the Polish Prosecutor’s office was unpacking the bags blatantly mixed the remains of the victims of the Smolensk disaster, experts from the FBI in Doha has opened a computer file with which the Russian experts attacked the Qatari news Agency. These two facts have almost nothing in common, but they share the final effect: the destruction of the Western world order, in which Putin is interested.

TV channels around the world has shown empty shelves Qatari supermarkets and chaos in the Qatar airport. FIFA ponders, do not move the world Cup to another place, and analysts are debating just how big the likelihood that in the coming days, Saudi Arabia invades Qatar. At one point, like magic, one of the richest countries in the world has become one of the most dangerous places. Now it is possible in any scenario, including war in a completely traditional style, which will lead to the destabilization of the West, will undermine the world economy and push up prices for oil and gas, filling the purse of Putin.

© AP Photo Osama Faisal, FileЭмир of the state of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani

It has now become almost obvious how it happened — and this is most important. It all started about two weeks ago with the hacking of the website of Qatari news Agency. As they say the Qataris, this allowed the “unknown attackers” to send its server a fake message stating that the Emir of Qatar critical. and friendly — Iran and terrorists. The answer became the sanctions imposed by Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. The American President immediately supported them by writing on Twitter: “During a recent trip to the middle East, I stated that it is impossible to continue the financing of radical ideology. The leaders pointed to the Qatar — see!” Many kind of surprised, because Qatar is a key American base. The Minister of defense and the Secretary of state was visibly trying to ease the tension and offered to start negotiations. But trump has again decided to act against the wishes of his Ministers and closest advisors. He added fuel to the fire (probably at his instigation) broke out in the key to US security and that of the West region.

All roads lead to Russia

However, apparently, the key to the situation in Qatar is not in the middle East and not in America, and in Moscow. As suggested by the FBI, the attack, which started it all, was from Russia. If this is indeed the case, Putin has earned another sincere congratulations. Looks like he managed without any cost to break the American order in the next important in the world. Easy click, he launched an avalanche of crisis that turned the long-smoldering tensions in a conflict that could lead to unimaginable consequences. What did the tramp, acting against the advice of his Ministers and advisers, what role he played in this situation are subjects for discussion. What motivated Putin is very clear. He is not the first implements the doctrine of the weakening of the West, dealing with minimal cost jewellery beats at crisis points. Scripts, as we already know, are very different. To start the avalanche in the Persian Gulf, which turned into a headache for the West, was enough to throw with hackers fake news and preheat the dispute between the eccentric Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim supporting some radical Islamists, and Saudi king Salman supporting other radical Islamists.

“Virtual men”

In the US, Putin had to work more. Hacking mailbox and publication of the letters Democrats were, of course, enough to defeat Clinton and to ensure the success of Trump. However, thanks to the secret report, which recently published the Reality of Whether the Winner (Winner Leigh Reality), we learned that GRU was preparing to falsify the election result, getting access to one of the companies involved in their maintenance. Putin himself is not too much bother to explain. Responding to allegations about Qatar, his press Secretary said already sounding ridiculous phrase that Russia would not interfere in the internal Affairs of other States. Putin himself with disarming candor assured that the Russian security services did not intervene in the course of American elections, however, it could make Russian patriots. Previously, these patriots have already appeared, for example, in the Crimea and the Donbass. Now the green men have become “virtual”.

In France the same “virtual men” on the eve of elections has published the letter of the election headquarters of Macron and spread rumors about his affair with the head of the French state radio. With a variety of Russian patriots supported the contacts of the French national front, UK independence Party United Kingdom and the headquarters of Donald trump. Traces of the Russian “virtual creatures” found in computer systems of the Bundestag, officials of the Netherlands, Estonia and so on. In short, the Russian patriots in recent years, more and more evidence that they consider trying to destroy the entire West, country by country.

Looking at all this, it’s hard to shake the feeling that Putin is a long and carefully prepared, and now began the third world war: he provokes and starts the processes, which are designed to destroy the West from within. I, at least, such impression can not get rid of. “I can’t” to mean “I can’t” and “I can’t afford”.

It should be recognized that the undeclared third world war has already begun. Russia attacked the West, and passes from the stage of collisions at the boundaries to the phase of a frontal battle. She fights with us on the fronts, which are carefully prepared for many years, and uses not only “green” or “virtual” men, but also all the germs of conflict, which Putin was able in some places just to detect, others carefully cultivated. Over the years they have accumulated a lot and now he started faster to put them in motion one after the other.

Helpless West

The West is powerless to oppose any of Putin’s game because he was not prepared for such a confrontation and still can’t believe it started. He continues to consider himself too powerful to someone who could conquer him. The idea is, in principle, perfectly fair, but it does not account for the fact that someone could many years for us to place the traps, once in which we will destroy ourselves, and that right now they are powered. In other words, the West for several decades, led by Russia classic game potentials, in which Putin was not the slightest chance, so he’s staying in the soul of the KGB, decided to play with the West in the equally classic operative spy game and now is trying to gather its fruits.

If you think that my basic thesis looks more or less consciously, look around. It’s hard to believe that a large-scale operation Putin takes place in all neighboring countries, but bypassed Poland. You can argue that in many places they are made public or at least leave traces, and in Poland not be, and do not leave. Remember, however, that Macierewicz Anthony (Antoni Macierewicz) during his tenure as Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs eliminated the Polish intelligence and counterintelligence, dismissing many employees and expanding the part of our agents. None of the intelligence and counterintelligence Western countries experienced similar. That failed to establish on the ruins of military service Information, we do not know, but within a decade after such cleaning, the Mossad, to put it mildly, it is impossible to build. In addition, we have gained the reputation of the state, which is influenced by political impulses are willing to “throw paper”, and now can hardly expect that others will be willing to cooperate with us.

If Putin conducts in Poland daring the operation, we will likely know about them much less than other countries know about the operations that are unfolding in their territory, or even about what happens to us. Several high-profile stories that we all know, remind you, however, events that in other places associated with the activities of Putin’s special services.

The Polish trail

The most obvious seems the trace associated with the wire, which was conducted in the Warsaw restaurant Sowa & Przyjaciele. The logic of action was about the same as in the case with the letters of the American Democrats or the electoral headquarters of Macron. In each of these cases a legend explaining why the “leak” was only one party — that which largely sought to the cohesion of the West, was inconclusive, as the interpretation of the motives of the authors of this operation. In the history of Polish wiretaps appeared also more detailed evidence (business connection office in the building of the Russian Embassy), which resembled the accusations against the environment trump. Interest also network associates President trump and Minister Makarevich with people associated with the Russian side. Like anything special, but the themes are concentrated around one person a very similar way, but the decisions he makes in his post, raise similar concerns.

The most interesting is, however, the theme of Smolensk panic, which is formed on the basis of multiplying versions of “Smolensk lie”. Launched seven years ago, a mechanism similar to the mechanism of anti-immigrant panic that fueled the “national front” and his associates in other countries. Putin was on the side of Assad in its fight against the opposition, which was supported by the West, and contributed to this continuation of the Syrian civil war that created new waves flood Europe with migrants than were the xenophobes who seek to destroy the EU.

It may not be a coincidence

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that people who have been particularly prominent in the field of distribution of various conspiracy theories, the most actively connected to the dissemination of information about the scandal with wiretaps and was the first to receive these records. But maybe not quite. And that the wreckage of the Polish plane still can’t return home, or the fact that while in Moscow there was a group of Polish officials and relatives of the victims, the Russians treated the bodies as we recently learned, outrageous way. But if it’s not a coincidence is probably not accidental and the persistence with which the authorities sought to exhume the remains of victims without fear of causing a political rift and public outrage.

We have little evidence to accuse someone of involvement in Putin’s game, but there is no doubt that this game against Poland and Poland is underway. Do not have to suffer the Polish megalomania, to understand that “Russian patriots” Putin could not pass us by. In this case, it is particularly worrying that we — unlike many others — know nothing about it, and Polish intelligence services clearly stand out against their Western counterparts with silence on the subject. About that silence, should think. After all, an undeclared war is already underway, and we wander like children in the fog.