The call of the Crimean military service in Russia violates the Geneva Convention – UN

The UN has said that the appeal of the residents of Crimea for military service in the Russian army violates the provisions of the Geneva Convention relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war. This is stated in the report on human rights in Ukraine.

As you know, this year Russia plans to call in the army from the Crimea nearly five thousand people. It’s a thousand people more than in 2016.

“1 April 2017 began the annual campaign for the conscription of the Russian Federation, which, in the case of the Crimea, violates international ban on military service in the armed forces of the occupying power”, – the report says.

The UN noted that the inhabitants of Crimea, who refused to serve in the Russian army opened a criminal case.

“During a press conference on 12 April, the military Commissioner of the Russian Federation in the Crimea said that the inhabitants of Crimea, who refused to serve in the army of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case”, – the document says.

The report States that it violates the provisions of the Geneva Convention.

“In accordance with the fourth Geneva Convention (article 51), the occupying power may not force civilians to the occupied territory to serve in its armed forces or auxiliary forces”, – emphasized in the UN.

Meanwhile, the first conscripts from the Crimea went to serve in Russia. Before that, they served on the Peninsula.