The participants of the rallies in Russia bring in the Cossacks and the “public men” – runners

Mass arrests are unhappy with the situation with corruption in Russia militiamen carried out using the so-called “social activists” and Cossacks, who in some cases use violence against fellow citizens. This was announced by Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov.

“I’m also closely watching the developments that are taking place. Starting from the Far East and has now reached Moscow, held in different cities of the rally, mostly in large protests against corruption. It all flows with the celebration of the national holiday – Russia Day. Reported that in the regions people are detained, with it not just the police carry out these actions, but there is pressure from the so-called public men. In some regions the Cossacks came to the aid of the police (police – ed.) and even the famous cases that they used violence against people who took to the street,” said the lawyer.

He said that these cases took place in Vladivostok and in several Siberian cities.
He also confirmed information that Russian media reported about the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny that “he was not allowed even to leave the house – he was arrested in his apartment building and, as far as I know, he already wrote administrative reports in connection with the violation in the organization of meetings”.

As for opposition leader Ilya Yashin, he was able to come to Tverskaya street in Moscow, where he was detained, said Polozov.

According to him, on Tverskaya street, the traffic is blocked, as “there is “the festival re-enactors”.

“I was there in the morning and there is quite a specific entourage – anti-tank. That is indeed Yashin were detained on Tverskaya just a few minutes ago,” he said.

Polozov also reported that though not is, because a should be present in Crimea, on the trial of the Deputy Chairman of the Majlis of Akhtem chigusa, he is ready to give consultancy services to the detainees.

“I am ready to help and answer anyone who writes to me on social networks. Most importantly, what can you advise people will be detained, it failed to give any testimony, because it is on the basis of the testimony in the first minute when a person is in confusion, and then fabricated a criminal case,” – said Polozov.

“The government is taking active actions to the repressive nature in order to intimidate people, to suppress any protests. So people should not harm themselves, you should call a lawyer and wait until the lawyer arrives,” said Polozov.

Earlier it was reported that during anti-corruption protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg detained more than 200 people.

Also in Moscow detained opposition leader Alexei Navalny.