Electric cars went to plus: Tesla doubled annual revenue

The company Tesla has doubled its revenue more than doubled over the last year. These data are presented in the report of the company for the second quarter of this year, writes Deutsche Welle.

Sales of Tesla for the last quarter was 2.79 billion, and for the first half – 5.49 billion dollars. A year earlier over the same period the company’s turnover amounted to 1.27 billion dollars (six months of 2.42 billion).

At the same time the electric car had a record loss of $ 336,4 million dollars per quarter (in terms of – of 1.33 dollars per share). However, this figure was less than analysts had expected, predicting the loss at 1.82- $ 1.88 per share.


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On the background of positive news, the stock price of Tesla on the stock exchange increased eight percent, notes Reuters.

We will remind, on July 28 Tesla started selling its first budget electric car Model 3. The cost of the basic version 3 Model, charging the battery, which are 345 kilometers, will be 35 thousand dollars. This is 2-4 times cheaper than the first two models of the Tesla Model S and the crossover Model X.