How to celebrate Midsummer without the risk of drowning and to burns: tips rescue

Specialists gschs reminded that quarantine, despite weakening, is still in effect

Chrezvychainyi warns Ukrainians against reckless behaviour as during Midsummerand during the whole bathing season. Going to relax on the shore of the river, the main condition of leisure – increased attention and responsibility.

This is stated in the press service gschs.

“Traditionally, on the night of 6 to 7 July is celebrated the holiday of Ivan Kupala. He is accompanied by the emission of the girl’s wreaths into the water, jumping through a fire ritual and bathing in the ponds. However, if to lose vigilance and do not follow the rules of safety during the celebration, there is a risk of drowning and to burn,” – noted the rescuers.

Since the beginning of summer on the waters of the country have already drowned 291 people. Only for day 5 of July, the number of drowning were 16. The vast majority of cases occurred due to gross violations of safety rules.

In addition, experts of gschs reminded that quarantine, despite weakening, is still in effect, but it will have no effect if citizens would violate the restrictions.