“African brothers, will reply with scorn on the rhetoric of Emmanuel Macron!”

Personally I’m not too clear is often excessive hype, which has caused a pronounced Emmanuel Macron at the G20 summit in Hamburg words about the “civilizational challenge” of Africa: “If in the country a woman still has seven or eight children, you can spend billions of euros, not to stabilize the situation.” Some immediately drew Parallels with the speech of Nicolas Sarkozy in Dakar, where the former President lamented that “African man” not fully “made history”.


But let’s consider the context. Emmanuel macron answered the calling only one irritating question Philip Kwon (Philippe Kouhon) about how the West can “save” Africa. A journalist from côte d’ivoire unconsciously reflected the spirit of defeatism that so long binds us, compels many of us, Africans, to seek alms from the generous “white”.




The same applies to those who think that will do for Africa, the new French leader. Each time the program is exclusively French, they are disappointed and hope the good will of the successor. It is a vicious circle we are suffering from a post-colonial disease, but not in forces to cope with its source.

Returning to the debate, just want to say that I am convinced that Emmanuel macron is not a racist. The converse assertion is an exaggeration and a lie. Nevertheless, it carries all the Forbearance that is characteristic presents them a privileged social class: he is a rich white male graduate of one of the elite universities, etc.


The work of the analyst Gael Brustle (Gaël Brustier) give him the exact intellectual and ideological assessment. Is “organic intellectual of the new capitalism”, which enshrines neo-liberal system, that in the future even more dangerous to Africa than his verbal incontinence on civilizational themes.


I must say that the reaction to the words of the French President surprised me. It is a confirmation of the conditioned reflex to the statements of Western politicians. To take the Rules seriously, it’s, you know… He represents the archetype of the policy period, the “post-Obama”, which is devoid of the seriousness and filling. It’s kind of a French Justin Trudeau: he’s “cool” and relaxed, and his speech is full of empty words that are supposed to show his mind, but really worthy, except that the first course of Philology.


Vague words tainted with messianism phrase has generated such a noise that the lips involuntarily smile. Africa needs to cope with many problems of civilization. As with Europe, an emerging racist populism. As America, which was once the symbol of dreams, but imposed on the world the nightmare of Donald trump. And then what?


Stupidity and ignorance


African brothers, let’s spend on something that’s worth it! If the ranting of a spoiled child of the Republic are so pissing us off, so we have a serious problem with themselves. I’m not saying that anger is useless. On the contrary, it is needed. We should be indignant at the sight of ills and injustices. Nevertheless, I consider it a waste of time a strong reaction to the words of the President of France despite the fact that the people of Burundi, Congo and South Sudan are dying because of criminal inactivity or even indulgence of our African leaders.

One of the first meetings of the “Workshop of thought in Dakar,” Senegalese historian Mamadou Diouf (Mamadou Diouf) noted how embarrassed he was when the fact that intellectuals sent their strength and time in response to statements by Sarkozy on Africa. He’s right. In some cases, contempt is the best response to the human stupidity and ignorance.


To rebel does not mean to make fun of himself a fiery message on Twitter and Facebook. Speaking on behalf of us racist idiots have all of us a disservice and does not contribute to social change and progress in our countries. Anger needs to lead to this project, which is doomed to failure if it is only a reaction to someone’s words. Even in the words of the President of France.