So, Oliver stone solved the mystery of the appeal of Putin?

Why is he doing it? Why shirtless Vladimir Putin riding a horse, why is removed during the hunting of the Amur tiger, why dives into the water in search of ancient artifacts (which are placed at the bottom beforehand), why allow you to publish a wall calendar with his picture, why in my 60 years shows how he skis and plays hockey?

There are many reasons to talk about themselves on camera, especially such a world-famous man like Putin, which causes very different reactions.

But the documentary by Oliver stone in four parts under the title “Interview with Putin” that will show in Britain next week, has caused a strong reaction of the reviewers and local experts. We are talking about two rather controversial moments. Instead allow Putin to speak for themselves, critics say, stone imposes on an interview with a layer of its own, approving gloss. At the same time, they emphasize, stone reiterates many hackneyed Western stereotypes about Russia. Too many friends “” too little inquiring why, despite this privileged access to the President.

It should be emphasized that in this film we see much less Putin’s macho than before. For a change of horses, tigers and came diving skiing and hockey. Today Russians are much more likely to see Putin not on horseback, and sitting at the table or standing behind a podium in suit and tie.

It is also worth noting that Putin remains (why not?) an avid sports fan, as in childhood, when he was frail and scrawny boy began to study in post-war Leningrad martial arts to protect themselves from abusers. They say that he strictly adheres to the hard sport mode, daily swimming and working out in the gym.

As we see in stone’s film, Putin likes to drive a car. A few years ago on television showed Putin driving inspects Russia’s first highway, passing through the whole country. It raised a laugh when the reporters found out that he passed is not all the way there, and that the car was not one, but several. But Putin driving a yellow “Lada Kalina”, which he clearly advertised, this is not an isolated case of its kind. From the way he holds the steering wheel, it becomes clear that the President enjoys the drive of a seasoned professional.

But personal enthusiasm is one thing, and calendars, and hunting tigers is quite another. One explanation, formed in the early 2000s, when Putin first became President, is that he consciously tries to show the contrast. After slowly grachevskogo Boris Yeltsin, and if you look further, that after a succession of elders in the person of Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko, who died at his post, a new, fit and healthy President of the new, toned and healthy Russia.

Another explanation is that he wants to please the crowd. This so-called king’s complex. This explanation can be called a simplification, but the Russians, at least, not living in the cosmopolitan major cities, expect that their leader will look and behave like a real leader and show him respect. Riding horses with a bare torso give the impression of strength and complement the front image of Putin in costume at official ceremonies.

Isn’t there an element of overcompensation? Possible. Putin is low, figure he’s not powerful. He was anemic in childhood and remained so in adulthood. Physically he is very different from the big and burly Putin. Athletic prowess he kind of makes up for its physical shortcomings. The fact that Putin is proud of his physical form, it is clear from his response to a few tortuous question stone about his attitude to homosexuality. He would go into the shower on a submarine with a gay man? “I would prefer not to go into the shower with him. Why provoke him? But you know I’m the master of sports on judo”, — said Putin.

Here you need to make a note. Stone made the film before in leading Russian media speculation about Putin’s health. In the past month, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published an article, which can be considered unprecedented for the Russian and Soviet times. The newspaper referred to rumors about the state of health of the Russian President and listed several of his possible successors.

The author quite wisely concluded that the best Putin to remain President. So in the summer you can expect new feats that will be shown on TV and in glossy magazines. Maybe our half-naked rider and hunter the tigers will be back soon?