“Finally feel like a free man”: the Ukrainians share the first experience without visas in the EU

With the start of a visa-free regime with Ukraine and the EU hundreds of Ukrainians went to the journey to the West. Only four, according to the foreign Ministry, was denied entry, says TSN.ia.

11 June at 00:00 Kiev time the first visa-free regime opened Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus. At 01:00 — Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Polissa, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden.

Among EU member States the most recent visa-free regime earned in Portugal, at 02:00 am in Kiev. And, finally, among the member States of the Schengen area outside the territory of the EU, the latter abolished the visa regime for Ukrainians Iceland — at 03:00 on the Kiev time.

The Ukrainian pioneers is told about their travel to the EU without visas in the Network. Journalists have gathered the most interesting stories in one article.

Journalist Vitaly Verb one of the first to cross the border with Hungary — at 00:03. According to him, he did not check, even fingerprints.

“In Hungary for coffee,” said the Verb at the border, when asked about the purpose of the trip.

“00:03 CET. And here it is. One of the first Ukrainians who crossed the border at bezveze! Well, you understand — it’s me. Your humble servant. In fact, even the prints are not checked. Documents checked only a passport, driver’s license, registration and car insurance. Even asked where it was going, and I said to Hungary for a coffee. And ALL me with no other documents were admitted. It is definitely a victory,” he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Journalist Catherine Irkha claims that the border with Hungary — the excitement among her colleagues, such that they “frightened the Hungarian border guards”.

And TV presenter Sergei Barbu went to Sweden. The first thing that told him there the guard: “I Congratulate you.” The man claims that he was not asked to scan your fingerprint.

“00:01. Pasporti control. “I congratulate you,” said the Swedish border. Congratulations, Ukrainians. We so deserve. Checking took more than a minute. The fingerprint is not scanned. Asked only about your hotel. It was enough just to speak the name,” said Barbu.

User Oleksandr Bashuk says that on the border with Poland, man, he said, checked only 5 minutes.

But user Anna Mine, who travelled in their own cars, said that on the border with Poland she requested a number of documents, namely a biometric passport, registration certificate for car, insurance on car and driver’s license.

First Deputy Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Igor River for the first time bezveze went to Germany.

“For the first time travel to Europe without visas. Nice. At the airport there is a real festival, a military band played Deep Purple, all the service very friendly. And treat for medical consultation in the clinic of Frankfurt. Thanks to the friends who helped to make that happen!” — wrote the River in the social network.

A user under the name karnizz_a told that the employee of the Hungarian customs were a little surprised the first visa-free passport.

“Where he went, maybe advice, maybe just colleagues show. But returned and no questions asked, put a stamp,” said the woman.

Note that for visa-free travel, you must have a biometric passport. Before you travel you must take out insurance and have a certain amount of money that each country determines separately. Experts estimate that this summer the European resorts can be cheaper than domestic.