Collar for Ukraine

The dragon is dead — long live the dragon! So, to paraphrase the old slogan, you can designate the Kremlin’s strategy in respect of Donbass and Ukraine. By and large, even the dragon does not die — he changes masks, trying to change the voice, but still the same dragon. With the same goals and objectives.

Not long ago, the main leader of the DNI (in fact completely controlled by Moscow puppet) Alexander Zakharchenko announced the decommissioning of the project “little Russia”, which existed in the information space of less than a month. And offered an alternative. He said that stands for “reestablishment” of Ukraine, but the name “little Russia” will not apply. Leave the conscience of his speechwriters the word “reestablishment” and go straight to the point.

Attempt to create a “little Russia” and a new format of imposing any domestic processes have the same goal — creating the illusion of negotiations and discussions in the format of Kiev-Donetsk. Allegedly without Moscow’s participation. That is, in principle, the main task of all these ideas.

For anybody not a secret that suffering from Western sanctions Russia wants to formally withdraw from the conflict with Ukraine. In any case not to retreat — control over our country, the elimination of its independence and translation under his control remain the most important Kremlin objective.

But formally Moscow wants to show the West that the armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine. And there are just internal Ukrainian conflict between Kiev and Donetsk. Hence the growing roots of all the statements of the leaders of the DNI and LC about restructuring in Ukraine, renaming it in little Russia, and others. Where RF would not exist.

Therefore, according to the Kremlin, the sanctions against Russia need to finish, and Kyiv and Donetsk to put for a negotiating table. Even more so, the self-proclaimed authorities of the so-called republics are ready.

So laugh at the folding project “little Russia” is not necessary. One mask was replaced by another, the essence of the process completely changed. The goals and objectives of the Kremlin, and he controlled the fighters the same — liquidation of Ukrainian independence. Methods for this also has not changed is the return controlled by Moscow region in the Ukraine “Special status”.

I changed only the sign. And change again if necessary. But whatever candy wrappers they wrap the poison — it will not be harmless. Now, briefly about the nature of the processes — they provide just one hit and two possible scenarios of development of events.

The main thing Moscow wants with his idea of the return of the Donbass in the Ukraine — to give the region a special status. There are a few key points. Full Amnesty for all fighters (and the victims in the fighting with Ukrainian army more and disability pension).

All costs to restore the destroyed infrastructure, the creation of new jobs is exported to Russia or cut into the metal of the enterprises — at the expense of the Ukrainian budget. All social payments, and it is not only pensions but also social benefits, unemployment benefits and so on — at the expense of the Ukrainian budget.

The salaries of fighters who will be the “people’s militia”, the local administration, which controls the Moscow — at the expense of the Ukrainian budget. And this cost needs to be protected, that is, in any crisis, Ukraine could save on anything but a special status region. Yes, even members of Parliament from the Donbas (that is, the Kremlin) have the right of veto over any foreign policy decision of the highest legislative body of Ukraine.

Further, in the case of the consent of Ukraine to such conditions and positive vote in Parliament, events can develop under two scenarios. First — angry this de facto surrender of the Ukrainians come out to protest, and demolished the hell out of the President and deputies. With the active participation of the “fifth column”, which is controlled from Russia.

In the case of temporary chaos, anarchy, fighting armed groups and the prospect of new elections. The West’s reaction is predictable — he turns away from this tangle of problems and gladly gives headache Russia.

The results of the elections in such conditions is also predictable — Russia negotiates with the part of the feudal and puts its people into key positions.

The second scenario is when the vote takes place quietly. Donbass receives special status, money, Amnesty and de facto independence from Ukraine. A number of other regions with their elites are not eager to have less power, but honestly to pay tribute to the winning ORDO as a protected item in the budget.

If they can fight against the Central government and for Amnesty, positions, rights and good money — why not others? We get the parade of sovereignties, territorial conflicts in several regions that are active will be funded not only by Russia.

The result is a series of local wars in Ukraine or its reduction to a few areas. The reaction of the West and Russia’s actions here are quite predictable.

So nothing funny about the refusal of the Kremlin from the project “little Russia” at all. The wolf can wear sheep’s clothing, the cloak of the shepherd and even the cap of the precinct. But he is still a wolf, its habits and goals do not change.

Russia will use the occupied territories to gain control over the whole Ukraine. Not been and is not now a goal to capture depressive Donbass and integrate it in Russia. It’s too expensive and pointless.

ORDO should be a lever to control Ukraine. A reliable collar and leash that will keep in the hands of the Kremlin and the owner. For this result and created the whole project.