Trump withstood a barrage of testimony of the former head of the FBI, but the clouds dissipated

Washington — US President Donald trump has experienced one of the greatest threats to his presidency, after they fired the former head of the FBI James Comey in a speech in Congress not told of some new sensational details about alleged ties of the campaign headquarters of Republican Russia.

However, the comments of the Komi, who testified before the Senate Committee on intelligence, appeared to trump is not harmless. Former FBI Director has told in detail about conversations with the President, who considered attempts to disrupt the progress of the investigation on the possible collusion of the election headquarters trump with Russia.

The former head of the Bureau called “an obvious lie” the assertion of a tramp that the FBI was chaos that gave rise to his dismissal on may 9. However, Komi armed with trump and his supporters with new arguments, confirming that the President said that he was not the object of an FBI investigation.

Close to Trump the Republicans said that the President is very pleased with the testimony of the Komi Republic. In part because they confirm the early statement of the President that Komi told him that in respect of the head of state the investigation is not conducted. However, looming over the White house the clouds because of the investigation against Russia and has not dissipated.

After the dismissal of Komi, the U.S. justice Department has appointed another former head of the FBI Robert Mueller to the position of spectracolor for investigating alleged Russian interference in the presidential election. Inspection of Congress, including one that leads the Senate Committee on intelligence continues.

Russia says don’t interfere in American elections, while the White house denies allegations of collusion with Moscow. According to some Democrats, conversations trump with Komi, it seems, can give grounds to open a case about obstruction of justice.

“Lawyers will study (the situation) on the subject of obstruction of justice,” said Senator Ron Wyden, the Democrat in the intelligence Committee, after the hearing. “I believe that there is more evidence that the President actually abused power”.

However, the speaker of the house of representatives Republican Paul Ryan said of the conversation with trump Komi are more likely to indicate a lack of political experience of the President, instead of trying to put pressure on the FBI Director. “He is new in government, so I think he learns over time, said Ryan to reporters. — I’m not saying that is an acceptable excuse. This is just my observation.”