Scientists have discovered another dangerous quality cigarettes

It is no secret that Smoking increases the likelihood of developing cancer and cardiovascular diseases. A new study showed that Smoking also has negative implications for the psyche such as lack of confidence, peset “Orthodox”.

The study involved smokers and people who never smoked.

Experts found that smokers were 200% more sensitive than the volunteers who didn’t smoke. In addition, the level of psychological stress in Smoking participants was 178% higher in comparison with those who did not smoke.

Even Smoking increases the risk of sleep problems, lack of motivation, overeating, undereating, angry outbursts at home or at work.


  • Scientists have disproved the myth that Smoking causes cancer

The researchers also found: 93% of smokers who participated in the study, doctors were asked to give up the habit. 75% Smoking volunteers believed that quitting Smoking is very difficult. Many have tried to quit Smoking at least two to three times, but failed.

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