Editor-in-chief (Ukraine): the United States has shown Putin that if he tries to hurt Ukraine

An important event that happened for the first time in history may 29 — two strategic bombers of the U.S. air force b-1 “Lancer” came in the airspace of Ukraine and accompanied by a Ukrainian fighter flew to Kiev. Lancers on this day, took off from base Ellsworth in the United States, flew across the Atlantic and all over Europe, from Ukraine flew through the Black sea to Turkey. In Russian media there was a huge commotion, the Russian General staff issued an official statement, so that should explain how important this step of our American allies.

What is the significance of the appearance of the Lancer over Ukraine?

1. Russia threatens invasion of Ukraine and the use of ballistic and cruise missiles, aircraft to destroy Ukrainian cities and infrastructure scenario of Georgia – 2008. However, the readiness of the U.S. air force to immediately throw their hand in the Ukrainian sky and testing of such a scenario is a powerful deterrent. Because if the U.S. air force will announce our sky “closed zone” in Syria, then Russia will not dare to go there. And without air cover the Russian army has no chance of will not be a blitzkrieg. Their ground forces are relatively small for the occupation of large areas of Ukraine, and the strike force will have an overwhelming superiority over the ground forces of the APU.

2014-the year has shown that Russia can not enter Ukraine more than 15 battalion tactical groups at the same time. That is, the forces to attack the enemy is not much, the Russian army is large but most of the soldiers serve in non-combat parts. The willingness of States to cover the Ukraine from the air — this is essentially a guarantee that the Russian invasion will be stopped very quickly once the enemy was lured into contact fighting in the settlements be fraught for both parties heavy losses.

Of course, we have one that is not yet promised, but the US show Putin that the readiness for such a scenario is fulfilled. This is a very important signal.

2. This flight is one of the largest demonstrations against Russia. In may 2020, the United States withdrew from the Treaty with Russia on open skies and the US strategic bombers made five flights close to the territory of the Russian Federation. America shows Putin that they are ready to protect their interests. Lancer is not necessary to go to Russian airspace to destroy key objects. The bomber is equipped with high-precision cruise missiles AGM-158 JASSM, which, depending on the modifications, hit targets at ranges from 370 to thousands of kilometers.

3. We would like to thank the administration of the President of the trump and the leadership of the United States. I hope the leadership of Ukraine, at least the foreign Ministry, the General staff, Ministry of defense, and optimally — the President will Express the gratitude to President Donald Trump and the leadership of the United States for this important signal. Practice flying planes, the U.S. air force over Ukraine, the holding of joint maneuvers require maximum approval and Ukrainian civil society. The government is silent, and people can Express their approval.