Israel is concerned that Egypt has received a Russian air defense system

The Israeli media closely follow news relating to the Egyptian army first missile the Russian air defense system “Antey-2500”, which is also called s-300VM. These installations will be part of the air defense systems of Egypt.

One of the Israeli sites, which draws information from open sources of intelligence, announced that Egypt is to strengthen the air defense has asked Moscow to provide him with three missile batteries of s-300VM, adding that thereby the Egyptian army will radically change the balance of power in the region.

As stated in the publication on the website, received the Egyptian army missile system is one of the most advanced defensive systems in the world, which provides a response to threats from missiles and fighters. This system is designed to intercept ballistic missiles short and medium range.

The Russian system can intercept missiles flying at a distance of 200 to 250 kilometers and at altitudes up to 30 kilometers and is able to simultaneously fire at 24 aerodynamic targets, or 16 ballistic missiles.


Observers say that one of the anti-aircraft missile systems will be installed in the North-Western part of Egypt, namely in the area of El-Dabaa, which is currently building nuclear power plants.


In the publication on the Israeli website, the authors refer to experts, who believe that the system received by Egypt is less developed than the s-300 system, obtained by Iran or that Russia has placed on its military bases in Northern Syria. They believe that Moscow sought to find buyers for air defense system “Antey-2500” and for a long time to no avail, while the Egyptian army was not the first who expressed willingness to buy it. This step may affect the decision of other States in the region to purchase air defense systems of Russian origin.

Israel’s Fear

Israel is very concerned about the possibility of such a development. While the Israeli leadership could not produce a comprehensive assessment of the situation, it is difficult to talk about the “long arm” of the Israeli army, because of their appearance in the region of the Russian defense systems, Israeli jets can’t freely make the air operation as it was during previous decades.

Earlier, Israeli sources reported that the acquisition of Egypt, the Russian interceptor missiles of this type can create problems for Israel. Referring to these sources, the information channel “RUSIA al-Yaum” reported that the first such system was deployed state having a common border with Israel.

Russian air defense system and Iran

In April 2015, Moscow announced tel Aviv, which cancels the ban on sales to Iran air defense systems s-300 in connection with the recent signing of a framework agreement between Iran and the six major powers. A considerable role was played by military operations in Saudi Arabia against the Houthis in Yemen, which topped the first of its kind, a military Alliance of Arab States, whereas Tehran and Moscow strongly opposed these operations.

In the past, Moscow has refused to sell air defense system to States that are at war with Israel. According to analysts, in Russia this time for the development of military cooperation with a number of countries chose to ignore the political and military-strategic interests of Israel. In addition, Russia’s decision could affect a purely economic considerations.

Syria “the features”

At the end of 2015, Israeli observers have expressed fears in connection with the statement of Russia about its intention to deploy in Syria the s-400 system. According to them, this means big changes for the region, namely an end to the military superiority of Israel, the fighters which in the past could freely perform operations on the Northern front, including Syria and Lebanon.