Macho man Putin gets behind the wheel and takes Oliver stone on a walk

• The Director in his new four-part film asks the President of the United States and Snowden.

• Putin says he is not a woman, and bad days it does not happen.

He looks like a Muscovite heading home from work. But is the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, and he sits behind the wheel, while filmmaker Oliver stone is asking him questions about fugitive Edward Snowden. This is a scene from the new documentary about the Russian leader.

Extremely comfortable ride on the streets of Moscow, which are usually clogged with cars is not the only weird moment in the documentary about Putin, which was directed by the Oscar winner. In it Putin not only talks about their favorite topics such as the geopolitical antics of America, but watching with a straight face apocalyptic satire of the cold war “Dr. Strangelove”. And he explains that his presidency is never output, because he is a man.

“I’m not a woman, and I don’t have bad days, he says stone, showing him the Kremlin’s throne room with rich gilding. I don’t want to insult anyone, it’s just the nature of things. There are certain natural cycles”.

Director stone had access to Putin many times in the period from July 2015 to February 2017, and now he gives the viewer a glimpse into the life of one of the most influential and secretive leaders in the world. In the first two parts of the film, which will show 12 to 15 June, and that Bloomberg was able to see before their official release, there is little new about the former KGB agent, who has ruled Russia for more than 17 years.

This film will be released almost immediately after Putin’s interview Megyn Kelly from NBC, which was shown on Sunday evening in its programme, and will show it amid a flurry of scandal in the U.S. over the Kremlin’s interference in the presidential election of 2016 and Moscow’s ties with President Donald trump. Ex-FBI Director James Comey, who was fired by trump last month, on Thursday had to testify to the Senate intelligence Committee and tell them about the investigation of this case. Trump said the allegations dismissive, calling them “fake news.”

Showing muscles

Responding to a question about a former employee of the national security Agency, Putin said stone: “Our first contact with Snowden was in China.” He explained that Russia granted Snowden asylum, because “we were then told that this is a man who wants to fight against the violation of human rights”.

In other scenes Putin is shown to play hockey (his new and already familiar passion), and kneading your muscles on the treadmill. He told stone that every day, lifts weights and then swim. Putin also show in his residence, where he feeds a carrot thoroughbred horse, named after the Dutch physicist Johannes Diderik van der Waals.

Throughout the film three times winner of the Oscar award uses this style of interview allows the Russian leader to set the tone. At the same time it does not validate Putin’s statements on compliance with the facts and interviews of opposition figures.

“Master of judo”

Sometimes it seems that the Kremlin leader is the epitome of restraint. Stone previously shot films about the praise of the now late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Cuban leader Fidel Castro, asked: “Do wall Street seeks to destroy the Russian economy in the interests of the United States?” Putin questioned this, noting only that the American administration sees Russia as a competitor.

Oliver with a subtle hint of criticism asks Putin to whether discrimination against gays adopted in 2013 law banning propaganda of homosexuality among children. “No limits” — meets Putin, comparing Russia with some other Islamic countries where gays, he said, could face the death penalty.

Responding to a question about how he would wash in the shower on a submarine with a gay man, the Russian leader said with a grin, “Well, I would not go with him into the shower. In order not to provoke. But, as you know, I’m a master of judo”.

“Dr. Strangelove” is clearly not hurting him, but Putin has notably quickened, talking about the current challenges of nuclear theory of mutually assured destruction, especially about the us program of missile defense.

“Today, the missile shield would not have protected the United States,” he said to the stone, when he noticed that in the United States celebrate independence Day. In the war between the nuclear superpowers, no one would survive, said the Russian President.