The model of land reform from the Cabinet will allow farmers to buy profitable land

The model of land reform, which was developed by the Cabinet of Ministers, will allow small and medium farmers to participate in the auction of land on concessional terms and to avoid competition with big business. About it on air of radio “Era” said Gregory Corn, the economist, the independent of group of macroeconomic analysis and forecasting IMF-Group: “Legal entities and foreigners will not be allowed to land market. Accordingly, small and medium scale farmers will be able to buy land funds to more loyal conditions,” he said.
Also Gregory the Corn noticed that the formation of the full ownership of land will stop the negative trends in agriculture, particularly soil degradation due to the exhausting land. Today in Ukraine 50% of agricultural land rented, most of them are short – term rental up to three years. According to experts, this creates incentive to maintain the soil in good condition or invest into it. But obtaining land ownership will encourage a more careful attitude to it, so the lifting of the moratorium not only benefit farmers but also the agricultural sector of Ukraine in General.