The Russians had serious reason to fear Putin – RFERL

The Deputy commander of the national guard of Russia Sergey Melikov, in an interview for the newspaper “Izvestia” said that the 400-strong service is the “heir of the NKVD.” And, it seems, is not an empty fantasy. Because the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has given a Russian national guard, which reports only to him, a force which even the secret police of Joseph Stalin was not. As reported writes columnist Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe’s Brian Whitmore, citing a presidential decree, which States that the commander of the national guard are authorized to give direct orders to units of the regular army.

And the commander with incredible power, of course, an old friend of Putin and former security guard Viktor Zolotov, who is known as one of the most rigid members of the inner circle of the Kremlin.

“So the old guard of Putin now commands all military units. And because the national guard exists to combat internal threats, this points to a simple conclusion: Putin has laid the groundwork for the use of the army against the Russian people if necessary. And he did so that it could be done without the consent of the Minister of defence, who, in the end, can refuse” – the article says.

According to Wymore, the decision of the Russian President can be called a “reassurance from the protests and Palace coups”. And it is not good for the Russian people.

Earlier, La Stampa newspaper wrote that Putin has too many “helpers”. And besides the obvious, such as the national guard, there are “volunteers” and military generals, who, during “vacation” are fighting against Ukraine. Recently, it also added “Patriotic hackers” who interfered in the elections of the United States. On, the Russian President constantly says, acting as if Moscow is not involved in all international conflicts that are staged.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that Putin is not ready to save the Russian economy, despite the serious losses.