Trump has high expectations for a “revolution” of shale gas and oil

The President of the United States Donald trump is counting active shale gas and shale oil will help restore American prosperity. This is stated in the published on the website of the White house document on the priorities trump.

“The tramp will take advantage of the revolution of shale gas and shale oil, to create jobs and prosperity for millions of Americans,” the document reads.

“We should take advantage of the information available to us untouched reserves of shale oil and shale gas, estimated at 50 trillion dollars, the United States, especially those located on Federal land owned by the American people. We use the revenues from energy production, to repair roads, schools, bridges, infrastructure,” – said in the text.

In addition, trump hopes that his initiative will reduce the price of energy in the United States that “in particular, will be of great assistance to agriculture”.

The administration trump also intends to use “clean” technologies of coal mining and to breathe new life into the coal industry in the United States, which is already too long having difficulties.

Recall that Donald trump has brought today the oath of the President of the United States, becoming the 45th Chapter of America.