Montenegrin chess game between NATO and Russia

At the end of procedure of joining NATO Montenegro was at the center of clashes of interests of great powers — Russia and the United States.

But, despite this, Montenegro will probably soon become the 29th member of the Alliance. Thus, it will avoid a situation in which this kind of competition ping-pong between the leading players on the world political scene could casually apply Montenegro damage. Never in the history of the Alliance has not happened to a country that is so close to the membership, in less than two months before the Grand entry was refused admission as a full member.

Montenegro is so close to NATO membership, it is impossible to imagine that now because of someone else’s interests, especially Russian interests in the international arena — this process could be stopped or slowed down. This would mean dramatic changes in international relations in General and the unexpected establishment of Russian-American relations — in particular, in consequence of which Montenegro, as a kind of chess game, you would sacrifice in exchange for something else that Russia would have received from the opposite side.

The Protocol on membership of Montenegro in NATO ratified by 26 of the 28 members of the Alliance. Now this should be done only Spain and the United States of America. The lower house of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Spain had already ratified the Protocol, but that the procedure was fully completed, need approval of the document in the upper house. Membership of Montenegro in NATO has already approved and the Committee of the Senate of the United States in international relations. However, three attempts to hold the Protocol through the Senate under the accelerated procedure failed because of the disagreement of the three senators. So the Senate will make a decision on Montenegrin Protocol during the procedure (the senators should support the ratification, by an overwhelming majority).

In recent weeks we have witnessed a lot of attention from the media, political parties and activists to ratify the Protocol on the accession of Montenegro to NATO in the us Senate. The fact that even the ratification has paid so much attention, points to one important fact: how much do proponents of the Alliance say that all NATO members are equal, that all of the “one table”, it turns out that the Alliance is arranged, like Orwell: “all animals (members) are equal, but some are more equal than others”.

In this regard, it is worth Recalling one of the arguments that was 11 years ago, when we were debating the referendum on independence of Montenegro: the Union of the States, very different in size and population, can not be equal. What is the equality between Albania and Germany, Estonia and France or Montenegro and the United States can be said? The differences between Montenegro and Serbia completely lost on the background of the differences between Montenegro and the United States.

Montenegrin supporters of joining NATO stubbornly neglecting one important point. With the beginning of the agitation for entry into the military Alliance sounds the mantra that NATO is a Union of not only the armed forces but also of values. However, these same Champions of the Alliance didn’t dare to use any of them. You should pay attention to the method of ratification in the American Senate. At the last meeting of the Senate the invitation to the Alliance was not ratified, because the acclamation of the proposal was impossible, or rather it is not supported by all senators. In the U.S. Senate instituted, that if the time for debate is not, as to each Senator voted on any proposal, it passed only with unanimous support.

The Parliament of Montenegro has long dwells in the blockade: the indefinite boycott of all the opposition, and meetings, barely achieved a quorum. If given the opportunity, the government of Montenegro has forbidden to vote on joining NATO, even with a blocked Parliament, thus confirming that the “Western values” the authorities have not learned anything. And even then, not all members would have an opportunity to comment on such an important occasion, one does not bother.

After the ratification proposal invitations will be announced at the next meeting of the Senate, he can ratify it only two thirds of the votes. This is the practice of American foreign policy introduced for one simple reason: any international agreement, or otherwise, limits the sovereignty of the country. Is it possible that the accession of Montenegro to NATO have caused the sovereignty of the United States a more serious blow than Montenegro? How is it possible that in a country that will not even notice the accession of Montenegro, require a greater consensus? For such crucial decisions not only need the support of at least two thirds of members of Parliament but also the consent of the citizens expressed at the referendum, because such steps are fundamentally changing the structure of the country. Unclear (or do we only think so), why separate the party from the opposition questioning the legitimacy of the elections and the Parliament, but is ready to forget all his charges to come to the Parliament and vote for the accession to the military Alliance. But even with them a majority of two thirds of the votes and will not be achieved.

Public opinion polls conducted by some agencies, and the presentation of the results of these questions is another way to push Montenegro is extremely undemocratic way in NATO by a vote of the membership in the Parliament of Montenegro. Talk about the fact that the citizens of Montenegro, voting in the parliamentary elections last fall, along with the support of certain parties expressed their agreement on the accession of Montenegro to NATO, for many reasons, incorrect and is misinformation. During the election campaign, the theme of the accession of Montenegro to NATO have not been dominant, no one political party, but rather explicitly left aside. And although it was expected that this theme will be the main during the race, expectations were not met. On the contrary, the foreign policy of Montenegro were barely mentioned or talked about much less than expected.

So the election results achieved in the unequal race under daily propaganda statements about “the coup, planned from abroad, i.e. from Russia”, are not proof that the majority of citizens support the parties that are in favour of membership of Montenegro in NATO. But even custom-made and pre-dictated surveys show that the percentage of those in favour of membership, lower than those who are against. Interestingly, to circumvent the subject of a referendum as the only democratic instrument and the procedures during which citizens expressed their opinions and put an end to this issue, try those political parties and non-governmental organizations that have names that are derivatives of the word “democracy”.

According to some unofficial diplomatic sources, Putin planned “new world order”, in which Montenegro together with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina plays the role of “countries with military neutrality”, which would serve as buffer zones between NATO, Russia and their allies. In accordance with their own vision of Putin advised the newly elected American President Donald Trump “do not push” Montenegrin membership in the Alliance.

It is unclear whether the details of the ambitious strategic plan of Putin are, maybe they are other. But as to the degree of rejection of Moscow’s claims on Montenegrin membership in NATO, it has long been known. Moscow to Podgorica is having a lot of pressure, so she refused the offer to join the EU and NATO.


For some of Montenegro’s membership in the Alliance becomes a political question of life and death, because this small country is at the forefront of what could escalate into a new cold war.

As for Montenegro, NATO once again demonstrated their arrogance. The fact that the Montenegrin society is divided. Any open acceptance by Washington and Moscow will provoke disagreements and conflicts within Montenegrin society, therefore, the expected adoption of NATO cannot be regarded as a friendly gesture in relation to Podgorica, even though that is how he is trying to teach. The recent protests have confirmed the revival of the old controversy, Dating back to the period when Montenegro was on the verge of an open clash between the so-called zalensai and balasamy, to be exact — opponents and supporters of an unconditional Union with Serbia after the First world war. Now, in the spring of 2017, nearly a century after the split within the Montenegrin corps, NATO, in the name of its geopolitical interests and the desire to “get ahead” in Russia and to prevent the spread of its influence in the Balkans, Montenegro returns to the beginning of the 20th century. And it can be extremely dangerous.

Montenegro is traditionally divided into selenese and belesa and every Montenegrin his opinion on this matter. In Montenegro, there are two art academies, two Orthodox churches, two of the writers ‘ Union and two Masonic lodges. Montenegro obviously the division of the country on the seaside rich South and poor North, which destroyed and devastated industrial enterprises of the socialist era. Nikšić, Rožaje, Berane is a city where is difficult to live, where young people have no job, and no special prospects, and the older generation survives on a small pension. This explosive social Montenegrin mixture lacking only the wick, which someone set on fire, and start the war of all against all. But the heads of NATO have nothing to do, and they enthusiastically “welcomed the reforms being carried out Milo Djukanovic”. What kind of reforms, nobody knows, and ordinary people no benefit from them.

In geopolitical terms, although Montenegro is a sovereign state, many regard the desire of the Alliance to adopt this country as another provocation against Russia. And it happens at the historical moment when the West led by the United States and Russia are experiencing the most critical phase of their relationship since the cold war. (This phase began with a coup in Ukraine in February 2014, and continued with the attempted color revolution in Macedonia.)

Montenegro is the only country on the Adriatic sea, which is not a member of NATO, but if judged realistically, strategically and Montenegro’s membership in the Alliance more than minor because she had nothing to offer him. Boka Bay is too narrow for the deployment of military ships and additionally the Italian and Albanian base. There is only the port of Bar, which is excellent shopping international harbour, but “hide” it ships impossible. Military capabilities minimum of Montenegro and the Alliance will not help. The Tivat and Podgorica airports are international and, therefore, military use is excluded. The water area is small, and the military industry, you might say, in its infancy. And in light of all this talk about her not serious. Thus, the value of Montenegro to NATO is exclusively geopolitical. The Alliance needs the Montenegrin coast, to turn the Adriatic sea into the so-called closed.

High-ranking NATO officers who, in their statements, tend to be more candid than politicians, has repeatedly made it clear that Montenegro is a “hole” (SIC) on their cards that they have to close in order to better prepare for future international conflicts. This is the main cause of the pressure of NATO in Montenegro. The value of the Montenegrin participation in military missions, given the size of the Montenegrin army, which is a global oddity — two times more officers than soldiers (1 015 546 officers and privates), is negligible. What can 30 Montenegrin soldiers to change in Afghanistan or in some other world the battlefield? Sending these soldiers in the NATO mission will only be detrimental to Montenegrin citizens, because the money spent on military operations, people could get in the form of kindergartens, schools and hospitals. And those who went to fight, be mentally and physically injured, and these injuries, they return to society, who have no possibilities to take care of them in good faith and in a humane manner. Along with this, building a close relationship with NATO, pursuing imperialist interests, the regime, the Montenegrin elite buys a seat in power. Seven times former Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic has long been conducting business at the international level on the principle of “you turn a blind eye to corruption and organized crime in my country and I will do everything what you request”.

On the other hand, the accession of Montenegro to NATO will change the attitude of Moscow to Podgorica. The question arises about the Russian capital, which was invested in the Montenegrin economy and real estate owned by the Russians in Montenegro. Losses may be incurred only Montenegro, especially considering how much aid the Russians have had this little Balkan country.

NATO membership for Montenegro is largely a symbolic step, a sort of joining the “civilized Euro-Atlantic club”. In fact, NATO membership is a step towards the EU, which is itself very attractive for Montenegro, because it is buried in a multitude of economic difficulties and naive, forgetting about the example of Greece, says that will solve all their economic problems, joined the European Union.

The entry of Montenegro in NATO will be the first NATO enlargement since 2009, however, Montenegro became a new member only because the relationship between the West and Russia actually collapsed.

NATO membership of Montenegro will not become a turning point, but it will bring some symbolic benefit. The Montenegro population reaches a little more than 600 thousand people. In the peacetime army serves two thousand people. The military budget is $ 28 million, which is very little compared with other countries-members of NATO.

Moscow will regard the membership of Montenegro in NATO as a provocation and another attack of the West, who obediently followed Washington, while maintaining economic sanctions and skillfully fanning flimsy scandals, are intended to isolate Moscow and to discredit everything that goes with it.

Security, provided by NATO, in fact, exposes all of us to serious risks. Libya is a clear example that NATO is not a Union of countries that care about security in the world. NATO is the armed wing of the foreign policy of the United States of America, which is less amenable to control.

Libya is just the latest evidence that a military intervention always worsens the situation and always pursues two goals. The first is to implement the political agenda of the leading Western powers, and the second is to give impetus and ensure financial profits for Western multinational companies.

Libya was a sovereign state. Syria — a sovereign state. Iraq is a sovereign state. Ukraine was a sovereign state. However, the intervention of the West has trampled on the choice of all these Nations, paving the way for the destabilization of their national States. It is impossible to sow chaos and at the same time using the same tools to try to solve the problem. It is a vicious circle that must be broken as soon as possible.

The one who created the problem can not position himself as a Savior, and that means it’s finally time to admit that NATO is not a guarantor of peace and stability, and a perennial source of instability and a proponent of regional conflicts and wars. About NATO is very often referred to as “responsible defender of the world’s population”, followed by “humanitarian intervention” like the operation in Kosovo, which (needless to repeat it again?) did not bring anything good. However, the “humanitarian intervention” — always a good excuse to violate another’s sovereignty, even if it is necessary to violate international law.

Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, received from Ronald Reagan’s promise that NATO would not expand eastward. Of course, that was a lie, and in subsequent years, many Eastern European countries included in the existing Association (first in the European Union, and later NATO) to now refer to the Western camp.

NATO expansion towards Russian borders is quite controversial and violates the spirit if not the essence, of the contract, signed in February 1990, the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, us Secretary of state James Baker and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

The first expansion after the cold war, NATO has realized in March 1999, having taken the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. At the summit in Prague in December 2002, approved the largest one-time expansion. Then NATO came from seven countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. In 2009, a member of the Alliance were Croatia and Albania. Six former Soviet republics: Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan are tied then their armies with NATO in the framework of the program “Partnership for peace”. All five former Soviet Central Asian republics: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan — granted NATO transit rights and the right to fly in their airspace for the war with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Russia began to be afraid that it will surround and isolate. During the Soviet Union satellite countries of the Warsaw Pact played a role of a buffer zone, to protect him from possible attack from the West. In the 90 years of gradual NATO expansion to the East seemed to the public the beneficial spread of democracy and the strengthening of European stability. However, from the point of view of the Kremlin, NATO expansion is nothing more than an attempt to contain Russia military and political means. First of all, NATO enlargement is a political, not a military act, and it is a potential threat to Russian interests.

NATO as an organization has lost all meaning in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Alliance was conceived as a defensive organization which can carry out military operations only in case of an attack on one of the participating countries.

However, after the treaties signed in 1999 in Washington and in 2003 in Lisbon, this infernal war machine has become a tool in the hands of the United States of America used to export the supposed “Western values”. From former Yugoslavia to Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya until Ukraine and Syria, which is supported by the so-called opposition (in the first case, neo-Nazis, and the second the terrorists), NATO is sowing death and destruction and violates the will of the peoples and Nations that do not pose absolutely no threat to either Europe or the United States.

The accession of Montenegro will be another challenge for Russia and for the European authorities, who, in deciding on sanctions against Moscow, agreed on economic and energy euthanasia and forever remain faithful servants of this policy. However, it is still unclear why none of the Institute, the media, the representative of the academic community or public figure dares to say a word about the participation in the organization of the country bankrupt and everyone continues to support dangerous and even deadly extension.

The citizens of Montenegro, apparently, and will not be able to speak about this, because the Montenegrin media only do that chorus keep talking about the American support for the accession of Montenegro to NATO.

According to the “Movement for neutrality of Montenegro”, more than 51% of the citizens do not want the country’s accession to the Alliance, and 82% believe that the decision about NATO membership must receive the approval of citizens in a referendum.

The government of Montenegro wants to do without a vote of the citizens? Maybe, but if it comes to a referendum, it will only create the illusion of democracy. But what else to expect from a democratic country, in which for 28 years without a break in power are one and the same party and the Prime Minister/President? Now this person is temporarily unable to occupy higher posts, but, nevertheless, is responsible for all in the country, and the way the man from Gazimestan for Euro-Atlantic integration was marked by the NATO bombing of Montenegro, during which innocent people suffered.

Anyway, but the accession of Montenegro to NATO will probably be a first in the history of this country, when it is, in fact, renounce his sovereignty, which it is after several centuries of struggle, one of the first acquired at the Congress of Berlin in 1878. The only way for Montenegro to remain sovereign and absolutely independent country to hold a referendum where citizens will decide for themselves whether they want to become part of NATO or not.

However, due to the Euro-Atlantic media campaign that is now underway, the outcome of the referendum is questionable.