Gazprom terminates the contract with the Ukrainian “Gaztranzit”

Gazprom terminates the agreement on transportation of gas with the Ukrainian “Gaztranzit”. About it write “News.Economy.”

All rights and obligations under the agreement, the parties decided to discontinue from 1 July.

The agreement was signed in September 2002.

“Gaztranzit” serves the main branch of the gas pipeline Ananiev – Tiraspol – Izmail, which is used to deliver Russian gas to the Balkans and to Turkey. The capacity of this pipeline is more than 21 billion cubic meters per year.

“Gaztranzit” the Russian company owns more than 40%, and this share at the end of may was arrested by Ukrainian authorities on the so-called “case of the AMC”. “Gazprom” has refused to pay a fine and penalty assigned to him by the court for violation of antitrust laws. Therefore, Ukraine has accepted the decision on forced collection of the fine, including through the seizure of assets of “Gazprom”.