The Cabinet will figure out how to sell land in Ukraine through ProZorro

Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman has instructed the ministries to develop a procedure for land sales through ProZorro.

“The Secretariat of the government, you (the Ministry of agriculture. – Ed.) The Ministry of justice, the Ministry of economic development to develop for the week and make suggestions (on the sale of land through the program ProZorro – ed.)”, – said Groisman at the meeting of the government.

The Prime Minister instructed the ministries to “find options” and require the sale of land through the program ProZorro.

Now, the Prime Minister said that legislation such obligation is not provided.

As reported, earlier Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman declared that categorically against the sale of land, large holdings, and foreigners.

Land reform, like pension, is one of the key “lighthouse” program of the International monetary Fund (IMF) and Ukraine. From the implementation of the recommendations of the Foundation depends the future of funding.