Investigate the relationship of the tramp with the Russian authorities: the Russian media reaction

Going United States investigation into relations campaign and administration trump with Russian officials are not on the first places on the agenda of the Russian media — both Pro and opposition.

For example, in the analytical Sunday program of TV channel “Russia 1” “News of the week Dmitry Kiselev” on may 14 of this year, the theme of the meeting of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Lavrov with the President of the United States Donald trump was raised by only 30 minutes of the program. In the same program from may 21 story about the U.S. investigation of the relations of the environment trump with Russia, as well as antithrombosis campaign in some American media, appeared only in her second hour. In the same issue of “News week” from may 28, the subject was not raised at all — Kiselev limited served also in the second hour of transfer of plot on foreign visits of trump (which may have been a consequence of the alleged negative attitude of the Kremlin, in particular, to an unprecedented arms deal between the US and Saudi Arabia).

The most salient point in the coverage of Pro-Kremlin media internal processes in the US and their foreign policy is a sharp distinction between activities, on the one hand, President trump, on the other — all the other us political forces and institutions. The actions of the USA that the Pro-Russian commentators are valued negatively (for example, the American air strikes on Assad troops on 18 may), attributed to don Trump, and some unnamed forces trump’s name often not mentioned at all. The problems that occur in relations between Russia and the United States, often accused the previous administration — office of Barack Obama.

If the activities of the trump compared to the first months after his election has really become the Pro-government Russian media evaluated much more restrained (though not negatively), then antitrombina inter-opposition appears in the Russian media in an extremely negative light. It is used, for example, phrases such as “political schizophrenia” (an expression of Russian President Putin).

Investigating ties between trump and his team with the Kremlin, and the lighting of this investigation in mainstream American media, directly or covertly considered as either occurring, or have already accomplished coup d’etat, which is the handiwork of the same forces that staged “color revolution”, and now trying to repeat this in the United States. According to the correspondent of the publication “Look” Dmitry Travnickova, these forces represent the Union, “the Washington bureaucracy of the intelligence community and the liberal press, with the support of the parliamentary minority”.

The emotional background against trump’s rather sympathetic — in the course of phrases like ” trump is under unprecedented pressure “, “the hunt for trump”, “trump terrorize”.

In General, American domestic political struggle in the analytical programs of the Russian TV is considered as evidence of an “inability to bear the global responsibility of the great nuclear powers”, the “threat of insolvency” as “depriving the President of his constitutional powers” and “violating the integrity of democracy.”

Print and online anti-liberal-minded Russian media speak in the same spirit. Columnist of the newspaper “Tomorrow” Alexander Nagorny, for example, said that “accusations and threats”. on the part of his opponents inside USA “was not only unprecedented, they have demonstrated the rotten underside of the outwardly brilliant “American democracy””. The political analyst Edward Lozansky in the newspaper “Izvestia” estimates antithrombosis investigation as “theater of the absurd”.

© REUTERS, Jonathan ErnstАкция protest against the President of the United States Donald trump in Washington

Neutral and liberal Russian media prefer dry dimension without making far-reaching conclusions and avoiding moral assessments of the internal political conflict in the United States (as example, the article of Philip the Night in “the Power”). Not seen to be sympathetic to Trump Russian commentators, apparently, inclined to think that the Russian authorities should not expect bonuses from the trump regardless of the presence and character of their secret ties — that is, in particular, the point of view Lilia Shevtsova. Stand dimension-antiputintsy as, on the one hand, Yulia Latynina, on the other — historian Yuri Felshtinsky. Latynina, occupying fundamentally petranovskaya position, says about the use of American Democrats of double standards against trump. Felshtinsky also expressly States that, from his point of view, trump is a Russian agent: “Everything new that we learn about trump, gets into the overall concept: the trump recruited by Putin.”

Trump has a reputation for unpredictable politics. This perhaps explains the reluctance to issue a harsh assessment in his address from the very different Russian political forces. Each side hopes that trump will eventually occupy an advantageous position, and because, as a rule, is not harshly antaranews position: Pro-Kremlin analysts, as a rule, do not personally criticize trump for the attacks on Assad’s troops and opposition commentators prefer not to speak definitely about the secret relations team trump with the Russian authorities. The result of this installation, perhaps, is the fact that neither Pro-government nor opposition in the Russian media do not pay attention to the subject of the U.S. investigation.

Interpreting the flow of information Pro-Kremlin media, you can also assume that they are lighting American perspective pursue multiple objectives: on the one hand, hint at the domestic Russian audience that the Russian government really achieved unprecedented success in establishing close ties with the administration trump; on the other hand, to make it clear to the viewer that even if the U.S. led with trump will make anti-Russian foreign policy turn, such reality will be more acceptable to Russia than the liberal consensus of Western countries on a wide range of issues, from human rights to global markets.