In Ukraine return the subscription fee on gas: how will it work and how much we pay

In Ukraine later this month can enter a monthly fee for gas. Current rate is 6.8 hryvnia per cubic meter – will be divided into two components. Separately will have to pay for the gas, and another rate imposed on transportation and distribution (so-called subscription fee). As a result, he gas will cost six hryvnia per cubic meter, but, in addition, each month, regardless of consumption will have to pay a fixed amount – from 20 to more than 100 UAH. The website “Today” figured out how the innovation may affect Ukrainians.

As will be considered

The introduction of subscription fees for the gas in Ukraine – the issue has been resolved. A separate fee for the transportation and distribution of gas provided by the Law “On gas market”, European directives, furthermore, the Ukrainian government has pledged to the IMF by the end of this month to introduce a monthly fee for gas. The national Commission for state regulation in energy and utilities (NKREKU) has already held several discussions under the guidance of the head of the Commission Dmitry Vovk. Now officials are discussing how to count the monthly fee.

The current tariff for natural gas – 6,8 hryvnia per cubic meter. Six hryvnia of this amount – the cost of gas, and about 80 cents – the cost of transportation and distribution. “Gas is the price, and it should be free. Competition, the market. And we, as a Commission to the six hryvnia have no relationship. The cost of gas is at the rate of 87%. But these 80 cents, the 13%, we set”, – stated in open meeting, Dmitry Vovk.

“Gas is the price, and it should be free. Competition, the market. And we, as a Commission to the six hryvnia have no relationship. The cost of gas is at the rate of 87%. But these 80 cents, the 13%, we set”, – stated in open meeting, Dmitry Vovk.

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The national Commission came to the conclusion that charge a monthly fee need based power meter. The more bandwidth, the more you have to pay. The majority of Ukrainians set the meter G4 (they account for 85% of total consumption). Fee in the capital with such a counter will be 57,41 hryvnia. That is, regardless of, burned 100 cubic meters or no wasting gas every month will have to pay 57,41 hryvnia. Such innovation is beneficial to those who spend a lot of gas.

For example, five cubic meters of gas in the capital are now paying 34 hryvnia, after the introduction of a license fee of 87 USD. At the same time, those who burn 10 cubic meters, now pay 680 hryvnias, and after the introduction of the license fee will pay 657 USD.

In the Commission believe that the current system of calculating the rate is unfair. “In the current system we are forced to pay for volume, not power. But the system of payment for the volumes a bit flawed,” – said Vovk. The official assured: to pay for the maintenance of infrastructure needs and those Ukrainians who burn a lot of gas, and those who do not use natural gas, but does not refuse from the gas supply.

“With the introduction of “license fee” the actual cost of natural gas to consumers will not change (if you do not change the transportation cost and the price of gas as a commodity). Will be reallocated, the structure of final prices by separating the cost of services of transportation and distribution of natural gas from the structure of the final price in a single payment,” explains the Commission.

It all depends on the counter

There are three types of gas meters over a range of operating costs: G4 G2,5 G1,6. If the apartment is gas used only for cooking (there is a gas stove), plenty of counter G1,6. If there is a stove and gas geyser G2,5, if there is gas heating, you need a counter G4. The more powerful the counter, the more fee. It is therefore important that, for example, in an apartment with one gas hob was not counter G4, otherwise you’ll have to overpay.

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What the monthly fee will be paid by residents:

  • With the meter G4 = 57,41 hryvnia
  • With the meter G2,5 = 37,18 hryvnia
  • With the meter G1,6 =23,9 hryvnia

As explained in NKREKU, the Ukrainians have the right to choose and change the counter yourself. Moreover, if you find that the meter is on the balance of the gas and thus its capacity is higher than necessary, the consumer has the right to request to replace the meter at the supplier’s expense. We will remind, according to the Law “On commercial accounting of natural gas” gas meters by 2018 needs to set to all consumers. However, as explained in the Ministry of social policy, the Ukrainians have the right to demand to put a counter in each apartment, not one for the whole house.

How to count the monthly fee Ukrainians without meters, at the moment NKREKU haven’t decided yet. There are several options: the meter G2,5 (will pay more), or how the meter G1,6 (in this case, the fee will be less).

We will remind, the national Commission adopted a decision on the introduction of a subscriber fee for gas in April of this year. The decision was to come into force on the first of may, but after criticism from the government and the President of its ruling, the Commission suspended. At the time the subsidy is the monthly fee did not cover, and if it was introduced in may, the Ukrainians would have without the discount to pay for the transportation and distribution of natural gas.
The Cabinet of Ministers program grants revised – at the moment discount covers, including the cost of the monthly fee.