Scientists have discovered the cause of overeating

Scientists have found the real cause of overeating. Professor Robert Lustig from the University of California believes that the insatiable appetite of people to blame sugar and other fast carbs – pastry, sweet fruit and drinks, writes

The endocrinologist came to the conclusion that an excess of the so-called fast carbohydrates reduces the body’s sensitivity to the hormone leptin the satiety. Its signals no longer reach the brain. This process is progressive, because mankind will soon be able to control your appetite, predicts Lustig. To avoid this, it encourages people to give up sugar and simple carbohydrates.

Sugar is the most dangerous a quick carbohydrate. No wonder the research of this product was successfully funded and supported by the international community.

One of many experiments with sugar have decided to hold Australian filmmaker and actor Damon Gamo. His story is about how the consumer society and the fashion for “healthy food” actually make us fat. Gamo shoots himself with a camera day after day, from the moment he started to eat only food labeled “healthy” (good for health) after several years of fascination with alcohol, Smoking and harmful carbohydrate diet.

How you did and what the outcome of the experiment, Gamo, see the film “SUGAR”, 2014, 2017.