Ukrainian thrill-seeker was on the rope at a record height

Ukrainian extreme Stanislav Panuta set a new record of Ukraine.

Hayliner passed through the sling at an altitude of 660 meters between the two balloons. About this Facebook said the head of the National registry of records of Ukraine Lana Vetrova.

Photo: Facebook / Lana Vetrova

“Unprecedented record of Ukraine. For the first time in Ukraine at an altitude of 660 meters hayliner Ukrainian Stanislav Ponyta passed through the sling between the two balloons, piloted by top-class professionals Sergey Skalko and Yuri Badica,” wrote Lana Vetrova.

The record was set in Uman (Cherkasy oblast) within the framework of the festival of Aeronautics “Mongolfiere. Blooming country.”

We will remind, last year the Ukrainian rufer Mustang climbed the giant tower crane in Dubai at a height of 452 meters.