Fake news: how the American Empire is falling apart from the inside

Ruling American ideology and the Washington power as the chain broke. Day by day has long been dominant in the country, the U.S. corporate media and the White house are waging a war among themselves, exchanging volleys of revelations and convictions. Hand loudly and regularly accuse each other of spreading “fake news”. For several months they represent each other in the way of angry liars.

American high tribune today has gone beyond the flashy differences and the successful investigative journalism of earlier times. If the initiators of the angry accusations were limited to specified designated Enemy, but today the accusations are against the President himself. Warning cry “the Russians are coming” again became the main instrument in the campaign of denigration aimed at preventing any deviations from the hugely profitable General guidelines on the formation of hatred of the enemy and of the endless prepare for foreign wars.

The big lie of the American party of money and corporate globalization has divided America into warring camps. The press and the President endlessly accuse each other from high tribunes, and secret agents of the American state behind the scenes in the interests of one party or another.

Weapons in this battle have become fake news.

Fake news and corporate globalization

In this civil war, the official version offers a virtual space for truth, which has long been strangling the “Washington consensus”. Even the group led by the US has recently agreed not to automatically condemn protectionism as an economic evil. The battle cry of transnational corporate power quietly removed from the world stage.

Really big lie about “free trade” is finally exposed? It has long been devastating the lives and livelihoods around the world, promoting the false slogan of “Freedom and prosperity for all.” In fact, under cover of a thick crust of misinformation command system of transnational corporations secretly drives enterprises worldwide in Megami carbon emissions trading regime. This mode has thousands of rules to protect corporate international, which robs and destroys the national economy and the environment.

To hide the reality, everywhere sounding propaganda slogans and declared a fake freedom. Mode corporations and investors are deprived of the protection of workers, the environment and social infrastructure. A constant process of elimination and robotization of jobs and businesses misrepresent, talking about “new jobs” and “raising living standards”, although this is contrary to the facts. Destabilization and the strikes finish off the resource-rich but defenseless companies that have not yet enslaved by the terms of contracts.

Fake news accompany each step. Even smug mode Trudeau was caught off guard by the seismic shift in national priorities. His Ministers in a panic rushed to the United States in search of grounds for recovery of this unaccountable regime. The most important fake news was “economic growth” and that everything else is ignored: the increase in carbon emissions, unemployment and environmental disasters.

In fact, real economic growth is not, and the amount of waste is not reduced. The growth is observed only in the volume of transnational money and the pace of accumulation, as well as in purchases of foreign goods and cobbling together of States at the top.

If you decipher the phrase “more prosperity for the countries and the world,” it turns out that transnational corporations and the state entered into new agreements on depriving peoples of their legitimate right to organize and deliver real citizens ‘ needs, and seamlessly adjustable to protect the environment and ecosystems.

Fake news everywhere hiding the dangerous consequences of this process, which is detrimental to the environment mining, permanent unemployment resulting from the loss of jobs, and waste that is increasingly poisoning the oceans, atmosphere and human environment. Adopted by corporations and countries to the markets of carbon emissions and the rights to pollute in any way did not resolve these serious problems, and only further enriched private corporations.

As for Obama’s decision on the principle “make in Canada”, here fake news to hide the reality. Behind the loud noise, hiding the empty and broken promises, the canadian regime, Trudeau changed his rhetoric, giving way to the dictates of transnational corporations, and spoke of “free trade” to provide the construction of oil pipelines from actively polluting oil pool in Alberta. These pipelines pass through the waters and land of the indigenous population in Canada and the United States. It must be noted that trump is doing the same thing, and that they cancel Trudeau promises to protect the indigenous people of Canada.

Recently, I sent a letter to his MP in Parliament, asking him to provide evidence that the promises of Prime Minister Trudeau on “the development of free trade” means “the improvement of life for the middle class and for those who want to enter the middle class.” As usual, no evidence to support endless false news coming from the office of the Prime Minister, was not found. Very significant other. It turned out that the “middle class” are people who make 180 Grand a year, and that they expect a significant tax reduction.

Dashing cavalry attack of the trump at the Washington lie to the American war and the actions leading to the impoverishment of the working class, it is not a solution indifferent to the lives of people of corporate globalization. Trump as President is the American oligarch-nationalist, who with his imperious policy, more calmly plunders nature and transmits the public domain of the rich.

Collective life capital, which is the common basis of our life, there are no States with a “free world” nor to the politics of globalization. The lies must be spread to defend the interests of private corporations from the very beginning embedded in their transnational command system.

The Internet is helping to patch a hole in memory

If you connect all the dots, it becomes clear that every step of the American party money in the process of globalization is provided by the false news.

The past quarter century, the corporate media absolutely do not tolerate anyone who requires accountability to civil society. Instead, they are a new numbers game. Endlessly debate about “climate change”, but silenced a total destabilization of human and planetary life cycles, and society collectively, it does not respond. We only hear about the panacea of improving market returns, which does not reduce pollution, but distracts our attention from the most damaging tendencies that destroy life on the planet.

On the other hand, trump during the presidential race for the first time doubted the big lie about “free trade” and “humanitarian wars”, and was elected contrary to the official line. But the rival camps are still fighting, clutching each other’s throats. Fallen the establishment, going the beaten path, continues to blame have long been assigned to the foreign Enemy. To the stream of fake news about the Russian aggression now included the collusion of the administration of the tramp with the Kremlin leaders to achieve victory. This departure from reality is very much like the old witch hunt. As then, today the facts don’t matter, important only charges. The official line of the media is quite predictable: that Russia provided Trump the victory. As always, during the operation of a mass psychosis a back-projection. Blame official Enemy to divert attention from the important facts which are a matter of life and death. The enemy again accused of what the United States has always done and is much more active. This is set as a base for attacks on him. In this operation, laying blame Russia takes its proper place. And the election trump in 2016 was just another variation on this theme.

Meanwhile, throughout the election campaign and after the election of new transnational social environment, which became the Internet, including WikiLeaks, was constantly denounced as the greatest propaganda machine in history, which today is a multi-level crisis. For a long time already turned into a norm half-truths, one-sided reporting of facts and the endless false conclusions now coming to the surface like never before. Excuses and lies in the service of American Imperial designs and war today are exposed everywhere, and no corporate media gateways, this flow does not hold.

This time Russia is accused of “interference and attacks on American presidential elections”, without presenting any evidence of criminal acts and fraud votes. As in the past, the main tactic is unproven slander. The media repeatedly repeating the same idea and make dirty insinuations. In the end they get their way. This method was always successful in the past. So why not try again, since it refused all the other buttons, pressed by the media to destroy the peace initiatives trump against Russia and cancel his proposal for returning to America from globalization of jobs?

As trump during the election campaign, was asked, “is it possible to make friends with Russia,” and advocated the development of diplomatic relations after the formation of the new administration, it could be called a hidden enemy that must be eradicated. But the real problem is that false news is not a word that he poses a threat to the state of war in which America is the last 70 years.

So when trump won, not renounced its heresies, in the course went the pre-prepared accusations of ties with the evil Russia, although the country today is the complete opposite of the Communist regime and the personification of capitalist wealth and relationships. Here we see a wild desire to lay the blame on the enemy of Russia and to discredit anyone who does not agree with this official line, even if it is aggressive capitalist President of the United States. The stakes are very high, and the game must continue.

But no one is selfless and free analysis, published on the Internet, no ulterior motives, no interest in false accusations. And because these analysts have more objective information than commercial press, and because WikiLeaks published the facts to reach tens of millions of readers around the world, the Genie is out of the bottle. Grand official story line and which has become the norm the big lie is bursting at the seams.

So as usual, blame on the designated Enemy, which is now with the tacit consent of trump’s attacks on the us presidential elections. But it is impossible to hide hidden under the stream of fake news facts, which are as follows: positive diplomatic relations with Russia could stop initiated against her profitable war, and to deprive US of all excuses and reasons to maintain its military superiority and continue the longest war, front which now passes through Ukraine.

The free Internet will not put a gag in his mouth because he speaks the truth. Freedom of speech in the United States be opened to stop, because in this case the government loses all its legitimacy and is doomed.

And the rest is understandable. All those non-corporate and non-profit news from leading websites on the Internet that denounce the American war, today strongly discredit and vilify as “fake”. The battle came a third, unofficial party, which needs neither a profit nor a career that does not serve the boss of the Corporation, but has a deep professional knowledge and talent. It must be condemned to protect the big lie in this game of war and money, which deepens the crises and conflicts, bringing America to an unprecedented civil war between the press and the President.

Harvard and the new hole in memory

Hidden source of American ideology and the war is Harvard University, who was also involved in a fight. He officially criticizes and condemns the most important American websites for spreading “fake news”.

Even the Church in the middle Ages did not go so far to its list of banned books. At least she did not pretend to scientific method and openly proclaimed their dogmas. At Harvard it’s different.

Note: All sites that have been attacked by Harvard, are the common heritage, and none of them are funded by private corporations and controlled by their institutions, unlike Harvard and the corporate media. This is a very real battle, a war for the privatization of news with the purpose of extraction of commercial profit. That is, is exactly that which is directed against the criticism of fighting against the establishment of the Internet.

In the shadows of Harvard University has long promoted an untested scientific method. It usually involves the isolation of the teaching staff and scientific workers from the opposition and bind them to the private corporate government of America and to aggressive wars, to impose their favored over opinion all over the world. Accordingly, no one questions the great fundamental concept that the United States is Good, but appointed the Enemy is Evil. Initially, it is assumed that the designated Enemy only malicious motives. On this basis, the Harvard develops its geostrategic models of Economics and war. Therefore, when numerous free Internet sites challenge the great fundamental concept, Harvard and its satellites condemn them so that people do not read these materials. These condemnations are heard without any criteria, evidence and confirmations, and all sites Harvard indiscriminately puts in the category of distributors “fake news”.

Here is not fully understanding that only in the public Internet, the process of presentation of the truth free from the steering pressure that aims to please outside funders and to transmit the desired signal.

The public Internet will not limit the terms of commercial benefits, no one dictates to him what to speak and what to write. Here material well-being authors does not depend on considerations of profit. They have no motivation to avoid vital issues to confuse all abstruse scientific terms and to write in the style of advertising. Writing on the Internet and not receiving money for their work, the authors does not depend on the most important backroom game: the further enrichment of the rich by abandoning the criteria for truth.

If academia and the corporate press have recognized these fundamental conditions of a free Internet, they will seriously weaken their position as the only legitimate source of truth. Free Internet is a new world of competitive opportunities to research, understand and disseminate information without restrictions by private sponsors (whose money Harvard lives for centuries).

When Harvard and the official press to challenge myself, they up on its hind legs. They are not able to consider the facts, because they have long been institutionalized and entrenched assumptions and axioms that they should not question and challenge, if you want to have scientific credibility and to get money for his public speaking. They have to criticize everything that does not meet these assumptions and axioms, even if it’s true. The fact that such truth demonstrates the falsity of the interpretations of the ruling system and deprives it of legitimacy. Thus, Harvard and the American press followed the prevailing method of back projection. They accuse the opposition of spreading “fake news”.

Here are the most significant that the leadership of Harvard, like every other University administration, is engaged in name-calling and labeling without any good arguments and demonstrations, which is the basis for reasonable conclusions. But this is a very long tradition of presumption of guilt, which applies to anyone called Enemy, and anyone who exposes the falsity of statements about the moral superiority of the US over all others and received God’s blessing of America to lead the world by force or by money.

Therefore, to spread disinformation blaming only those sites that do not agree with the official story line about American freedom and righteousness in all things. Accusations against the opposition is so ingrained in the brainwashed that the endless repetition of the same fixed in the mind, becoming a self-evident fact. That’s why Harvard or the New York Times automatically giving dirty thoughts to any foreign leader who opposes us interference in the Affairs of his country, including in elections. American hypocrisy is striking, but it does not speak or write. In fact, turning away from real life Harvard elite, composed of geostrategy (aka war criminals), the drafters of the economic models and so on, strongly sucking up to the corporate elite that it serves.

No one is allowed to bring important facts and ideas, challenging the hypothesis about the moral superiority of the United States, because to review and analyze them there is no need. Therefore, the Harvard elite condemns them, as once the Church condemned apostasy. In the end the American system of worship of the religion of the ongoing war. It destroys all the enemies encroaching on her right to rule. It globalizes the set of ideas establishes the law of God on the basis of market principles. And war crimes become blessed justice.

Freedom of speech, the process of the truth and the us Constitution

The public Internet, headed by leading scientists, journalists and technical experts for the first time provides unbiased testimony and freedom of speech, which the public can openly to use and learn across borders. The Internet is not dependent on the dictates of corporate and private control of copyright.

As a consequence, the public Internet have the freedom, because the profit of private corporations is not his primary objective. Someone who knows what he’s talking about, can tell the truth dogmatists and power, not to appease the editors, boards of Directors and striving for profit financial managers. Truth by itself has no definition, but it is fundamental, given that the findings are real life.

Although Google is hiding in black holes radical legal facts, the CIA gets into Wikipedia, and so on, freedom of speech in the public Internet beyond all that guarantees us Constitution. In fact, “the sacred Constitution of the United States,” which take an oath all presidents, promising to “preserve, protect and defend” in the end only guarantees freedom of public speech in accordance with the requirements of private money.

Even before 2010, when the Supreme court decided in the case “citizens United vs Federal election Commission”, the us Constitution was designed to ensure that the execution of one main task — to eliminate all previous restrictions on the rights of the owners personal funds. Among other things, the British right extended to indigenous peoples West of the Appalachians and on their land.

That’s why from the very beginning of the American Constitution did not take into account the interests of ordinary people. Universal human needs in water, food, protection and a livable environment was excluded a priori. Therefore, the civil law was first legalized at the Federal level “paragraph on the Commerce” that guarantees passengers of commercial buses, including blacks, the right to freely cross borders.

For this reason, the 14th amendment protection of equal rights for freed slaves eventually became the legal basis for the purchase of the constitutional rights of living people private corporations and rich funds (e.g., large corporations gained the right to buy elections and to deprive the government of access to their financial statements).

Even iconic of the right to “life, liberty and happiness” were in fact the rights of the private market that allow you to “fictitious persons” of corporations to have unlimited access to money, provide protection from the public redistribution of wealth, and private rich give the opportunity to speak with America, buying ads and election ads attacking opponents.

Manipulation of the American Constitution occurred in 1787. As explained in his personal correspondence a constitutional law Professor Matthew Stanton (Matthew Stanton), working in Chicago at the legendary Kent College of law:

Manipulation was carried out as a result of collusion in 1787 when the 39 signatories to the Constitution of the people retired to the house of prayer in Philadelphia, closing doors and Windows, ostensibly to amend the Articles of Confederation, and in fact was a new document which created a Federal system with centralized control of the economy, which was carried out by rich owners.

Russia as the Enemy: happy ending for fake news

You may remember that the corporate press and got rich on wall street presidential candidate Hillary Clinton began to make accusations in spreading fake news to justify the defeat of the democratic candidate. Wearing a mask of political correctness, Hillary Clinton, receives the money from the rich of the war party, explained his electoral defeat in 2016, the machinations of the new enemy, which is opposed to the official line against her. When this “mirror” story didn’t stick, she has joined forces with the corporate media in the other direction. “Fake news” introduced Americans astray. New York Times, Washington Post, television channels and other storytellers of the establishment saw a gold mine far beyond the failed attempts of Clinton to become President.

In fact, corporate media has lost its competitiveness because of the growing attractiveness of free social networks. The once Almighty propaganda system of the press fell into decay and desolation. Story about fake news gave the media an opportunity to condemn the news and comments in the free Internet as immoral. The election of 2016 was the lever with which the press has regained significant market share.

Very soon to increase the number of subscribers and to expand the scope of information programmes are not only fake news. War and corporate globalization as the freedom he has at last found a new target and enemy of Russia, which was to blame. Now you can run the news about how Russia has conducted a hacker attack and intervened in the lost Clinton the election. Probably, Russia has really turned into a pacifier, because she was robbed by corporations and oligarchs. But, it still can continue to use as pretext for new military crimes and aggressions of the US and NATO, and then take on her all the blame. Ukraine is a very important trophy as the bread basket of Europe and a country with a newly open and very rich deposits of hydrocarbons. Now, when the Ukraine under the leadership of the United States committed a coup and began an ethnic civil war, the evil Russian again, you can make the trump card and blame the attacks on American elections.

And since Russia under Putin is clearly on a warning line in the Crimea and supported the Russian-speaking region that rebelled against the US war crimes (under international law), it adds up perfectly. It’s “unchecked Russian aggression”, which can be used in the reverse projection against the victim, and with a noble touch of high morality. You can accuse her of meddling in the American elections and in the election trump, and at the same time to destroy the Russian-American peace initiative. The facts to confirm the charges is not required. Don’t have to break the law to accuse of treason anyone who somehow maintains contacts with Russian officials as part of the peace initiatives. All this can turn even against the elected American President.

At the same time, such actions will erase the facts of American intervention in the elections abroad and in the internal Affairs of other countries. Can he make you forget about the massacres and dictatorship to disrupt electoral processes in different countries, starting with Vietnam and Chile, and ending with Ukraine in 2010. And, you can organize sabotage against the social-democracies of Latin America.

Even if it was the idea of a mass murderer and psychopath in rear projection, then it would be hard to believe. But this story today in the scroll on the American news, calling an important event in which there is not the slightest trace of American iniquity, the power of pressure and violations of international law. These accusations are themselves in the American media and throughout the Empire. It was spring of 2017, and the endless insinuations about betrayal like the flood waters fill the minds of people, appearing on the websites of the corporate media. And the Congress at this time is preparing for another Inquisition of the President.

It is interesting to observe the two precedents. The previous two of the Inquisition began their work shortly after bill Clinton said in India that “the time has come to develop, not to curtail global trade”, and Richard Nixon created the Agency for environmental protection, forbade corporations to withdraw American jobs abroad and made peace with China. Note that trump wanted to do the same with Russia.

Ridiculous hypocrisy, factual vacuum and loud noises of war drums which accompanied the charges, again showed itself in all its glory. The attack on the elected President as a fighting dog-headed media. And all because of the fact that trump had commercial relations with Russia. Few people realise what huge stakes in this process did the American media and the military establishment. Cui bono? Who benefits? The question nobody asks


What’s new? If you continually brandish the bogey of “Russian aggression”, it will distract everyone’s attention from the really important things, such as the ongoing mass murder with the help of American drones and ecological warfare present in the agenda of the trump. Oil and mining Corporation of Canada together with the major banks hide behind the ubiquitous fake news, and a smiling Trudeau put forward as a screen. NATO is standing behind trump, requires more money, and he loudly praises the fact that earlier it was called “outdated”. Same thing with the CIA that trump previously condemned. Those who hope that if trump America will refuse to turn into a normal big lie and war crimes are waiting for the upcoming events with a mixture of fear and joyful anticipation.

Who will tie it all together and make a full picture? Despite the loud official statements of the ruling circles of the American Empire do not realize what might be the consequences for humanity and for our planet. They are forced to hide behind a false news in order to proceed. For this reason, fake news this is not a temporary phenomenon, typical of the era trump. It is a necessary illusion for the system, committing environmental genocide. Symptoms and trends are everywhere. But the American prism of distortion of reality regulates consciousness, feelings and reactions, not allowing US to go off course.

This can be said about both sides trunovskogo fault, and corporate circles of Canada, which is USA’s largest trading partner, the plant-branch and resource cornucopia. What’s new here? And the fact that the illusions of the ruling elite was divided at the very top of American political and ideological system. The phenomenon of trump is a reflection of this split. The American Empire was in deep crisis due to the destruction of the life support systems of society and nature. Carcinogenic growth in the demand for private money, not related to the production of the vital things, this is the reality that lies behind all information fakes.

Life does not guarantee us anything. “Global security system” protects only the monetary value and circulation, which from time to time change hands. People everywhere are fighting for survival. The prevailing conception of the “economy” mirrors the systematic depletion of resources and degradation and destruction of life-capital in organic, social and ecological life. Universal necessities for human and other life disappear, spoiled and squandered under the slogan of “efficiency”.

President trump has risen to the political ring to fight the establishment in the weight category of the capitalist-nationalist. In the short term it will lose money. His presidential program is blind to the needs of the environment, and his example is followed by fighting with him media. All they can do is demonize normal relations with Russia, which is officially called the Enemy. Meanwhile, trump has almost dissolved the Agency of environmental protection and stopped the allocation of Federal funds for the restoration of the Great lakes that are the most important source of fresh water on the planet.

These are the most serious under international law the crime nobody recognizes. In Canada Nazi offspring and supporter of violent revolution and civil war in Ukraine, put to the post of Minister of foreign Affairs, and this lady with neo-Nazi tendencies develops intense activity in the United States to the anti-Juggernaut as before were in full swing, fueled ethnic prejudice and fake news.

The patterns are quite clear, but no one of them says. Enemy Russia automatically becomes a theme of information stuffing, distracting attention from the failures and setbacks of U.S. and countries of satellites that are visible at almost all levels. Respectful relations with the Russian Ambassador were “conspiracy” and taboo.

What lies behind the questions that are not asked

How Russia was to blame for the disclosures that the office of Hillary Clinton stole from Bernie Sanders a chance to become the presidential candidate of the Democratic party? This question was not asked. The Washington media and the visible part of the Congress and instead shout about “conspiring with Russia” by making big bets in the new show of the Inquisition. Unfounded suspicions are pouring in the media, turbulent flow, because the designated Enemy must be profane, even if he is elected President.

Who knows that the United States together with the armed forces of Britain, colonial Canada and Japan in 1917, tried to strangle the Russian revolution, acting in the interests of the tsarist autocracy and Western capitalism? And a deeper question: who would call the decisive goal for over a hundred years behind all the demonstrations of force and allegations? To successfully manage the American Empire, it is necessary to divert people’s attention from such facts as US war crimes and looting of the public domain, while proclaiming America a “global beacon of freedom”.

The new President and his Secretary of state from Exxon Mobil want to establish business relations with Russia. Inside the American Empire faced a very powerful force in conflict over business and war. The major oil companies in both countries struggle with the American establishment, Cossacks on the enemies of the United States and actions in their name-calling. But before they did together this show, and were for a long time. Now transnational oil corporations in the United States and Russia out of the impasse in which they fought each other, realizing that such a war will not benefit any of the parties, but it can expand the civilization back.

Again, the full picture as there was no and no. Totally counterproductive war against Russia for the sake of American monetary-military state fueling wall street. She secretly contributes to the decline in oil prices near futures, in order to strengthen its financial power through debt, and at the same time, distracting people’s attention from the greatest Scam in history, which is still continuing. Note that wall street had not been touched, despite the fact that she’s since 2007, stole from the state and from pension funds trillions of dollars.

To accuse Russia that’s okay, because wall street benefits from this, as the Supreme head of the destructive and counterproductive system of money and war. This wins party of the money, receiving more public funds through its control of debt and its accumulation. This benefits the military-industrial complex, which cannot be stopped, even in peacetime, after he in accordance with the plan destroyed the “evil Empire.” This benefits the corporate media, who hyped the flywheel of misinformation, advertising, idealizing and diverting attention from wars for global Empire and its occupation authorities. Military strategists from the camps of the neocons and neoliberals are in this twilight state as managers, completely dependent on the image of Russia as the Enemy.

So they are very interested in continually blame the Enemy in some evil plan, creating a powerful cover for the American Empire and inherited the military criminal system. Interacting with a domineering local oligarchies, this axis of stronger destroys society in the interests of corporate, banking and military marauders, to give them monetary handouts (this applies to academia). For a balanced system of aggression there are no barriers, no borders, and all its activities are paid from the state Treasury and from all sorts of life-support systems.

President trump does not destroy this fatal vicious circle. He demands that the vassal States had to pay the US for military protection. This is a new global system of extortion that support NATO oligarchy in their responses to change. At the same time, trump destroys the system of protection of the environment, to have money to increase military power. Trump with his populist bluster this is a typical example of American capitalistic greed and aggression. But the fact that it too sling mud, as he refuses to hate Russia, exposes the main excuse of the military machine of the US-NATO. Never-ending arms build-up under the leadership of the United States, with the threats and bombing mostly innocent people around the world, and the allegations of terrorists in the horrors that are firmly embedded in the global system “growth”, are the fake news acting as a cover. The criminal mass murders using military drones remain unnoticed. Banks continue to plunder the people’s wealth, and it becomes a legalized system. Universities, the health system and public infrastructure are privatized for profit, and no one uses vital criteria and not think about the consequences.

Trump denies the American society of wealth in the interests of the American money bags exactly the same as it did before him, Reagan’s machine of looting state and public resources. She was leaking state revenues into the black hole of us debt, blamed trees in acid rain, and mass murderers of the socialists in Afghanistan and Nicaragua were called freedom fighters. What has changed since then, fake news the corporate media?

Trump as President has become the direct opposite of Trump’s candidate, who promised to fight the establishment. He is at war with the U.S. Agency for environmental protection (this is the only organization for the protection of collective life). It crushes taxes on corporations in favor of the rich, surpassing the Reagan tax cuts, amounting to $ 500 billion. He privatizes crumbling public infrastructure, to speculators and developers could charge for the passage, to profit and to profit at the expense of taxpayers.

Who in the corporate media or Congress asking questions about this?

The canadian regime Trudeau copies of a massive new scheme of privatization of public infrastructure. But he hides it by calling its public investment in the public good. The big banks and speculators on both sides of the border stand to benefit regardless of which legend they come up with the corporate media and the state. Common good are sold under the guise of a fake news broadcast about accountability and about the benefits to society. But how the mechanisms of destruction of all life on Earth and the redistribution of public goods that enrich the rich, is beyond comprehension, although it remains unnoticed.

Using the increasing support of stakeholders, trump as President does not hide the process of commercial privatization of state infrastructure and a policy of destruction of public health and environmental protection. The liberal party Trudeau, wearing a fancy dress social-Democrats and to win the election who promised to dramatically increase spending on social needs, today condones a costly and pointless privatization on a gigantic scale, stubbornly not wanting to see the indisputable facts.

Colossal schemes of plundering of public wealth at all levels, are accompanied by selective and biased media coverage, and this is done at every step and in all areas. As justification for these actions throughout the American Empire is a constant battle cry that Russia is the Enemy. In conditions of deepening crisis of the ruling axis projected “attack” Russia remains the main theme of the show.

The blind morality of the American government

In American ideology, no common platform, but faith in God’s parting words to rule the world and in history’s greatest killing machine, providing this Board. Therefore, this ideology may seem to the arguments of the psychopath in the extended version.

But the tale of American moral principles so gripped people’s minds that the apparent indifference of the USA to life is not recognized even by philosophers. America continues to act at home and abroad without a Foundation of values and without a moral compass. And as demand led by the U.S. global market mechanism in organic, social and ecological life support systems is increasing all the time, this mechanism moves inexorably in the direction of a handful of multi-billionaires who have more wealth than 99% of the population. While predatory destruction of the planet is presented as freedom and development.

How else can behave in a global system carcinogenic? But almost no one recognizes that this system violates the requirements of life at all levels. Reformer trump decided to give even more power and wealth of the American rich. He’s been taking swipes at environmental research and standards, having more attractive alternative. He seeks to repeal Obamacare Obama without considering public opinion. His nationalist programme of cuts is essentially blind to the necessities of life.

This crisis penetrates into the moral DNA of this American project and in the economic, political and ideological system. Fundamental values have long considered self-evident axiom even American moral philosophers and sociologists, placing it in the framework of their models. And the maximum profit of private capital was an infinite meta-program.

As a consequence, the led and the United States imposed a “global free market” has no feedback loop and unable to protect human and planetary life from the devastation of the pursuit of private profit and waste at all levels. The ruling system is organized in such a way as to increase the demand for money and goods from those who have something to pay. Account universal life needs a priori excluded from the American Constitution, the dominant market doctrine and of the conventional theories.

To elect trump President, I wrote about the fact that he is the personification of America itself. But the main function of American legends cover, which is the legalization and idealization, not yet deciphered. The system of ecological genocide becomes acceptable to the human mind because of the story lines and moral narrative, which turns it into a heroic freedom, individualism and moral superiority.

This moral statement was integrated into the American Empire from the time of its revolution against Britain. This was done in order to carry out the invasion of the American West up to the Pacific ocean, and under the slogans of “freedom”, “development” and “self” to destroy life and life support systems developed by indigenous peoples. To ensure the success of the majestic narrative line, it is necessary to hide the truth about the ongoing environmental genocide in the false rhetoric about the virtue and truth that is incomprehensible to others.

This first principle (the myth of high morality) entails the second, consisting in the fact that the foreign Enemy should be constantly accused of destructive attacks on the barriers and resistance to them, although in reality this is a system. And putting all the systems of life and livelihood to the control mechanisms to maximize its profits and the richest citizens, you can go further. Under the guise of fake news of the aggressive and predatory war can be thought of as a brave and beneficial to all struggle.

Working for profit private corporations is a powerful mechanism of legal maintenance of this transnational system, which is aimed at the enrichment of the rich all the market, government and military means that are only possible to create in its interests, since the us Constitution (as I said above). This mechanism is an integral part of the legislative, judicial and Executive powers. Therefore, in the current system to the constitutionally of the party of money controls all three branches of government and the system of funding of social Sciences and philosophy.

Fake news in the broadest sense are a constant cover-up, masking and justifying the fundamental program in which the greedy, the party of money and war is completely dependent on the designated Enemy, as he gives eternal justification for the robbery of the American and world public welfare, and to counter opposition and change.

John Mcmurtry — research fellow of the Royal society of Canada. His works are translated in many countries from Latin America to Japan. He is the author of three volumes of “Philosophy and world problems” (Philosophy and World Problems), published by UNESCO. The last book, Mcmurtry called the “Cancer of capitalism. From crisis to recovery” (The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: from Crisis to Cure).