Children’s arthritis: how to recognize and what to do

The development of arthritis in children subtle for untrained eyes, as the disease has many masks. But strict mom “diagnostics” under force. How to smell a rat numedica, we were told Veronica Knyazeva, pediatrician, family doctor, homeopath. Common symptoms of the acute form of any arthritis — high temperature (up to 39 °C), pain in the joint (or several), some types — redness of the throat. The obvious difference from SARS — pain: it can both increase and disappear, but a permanent return, the child limps, and all the crumbs when dressing, when hurt handles-legs, sulking or whining.


SIGNS: Redness of eyes, swollen lymph nodes, rash on any part of the body. Undeniable signs — swelling of the joint and pinkish spots on it.

CAUSES: Autoimmune aggression, which is often hereditary. The trigger factor is exposure to Klebsiella, enterobacteria and enteroviruses.

PREVENTION: make Sure that the child is always on time and washed my hands after visiting public places, wash for him, fruits and vegetables, spend a pretty termoobrabotki of meat and milk prior to consumption.


SYMPTOMS: same as above, plus the deterioration of the gait of the child as soon as he got out of bed. Children up to two years can refuse to walk.

REASON: same as above, plus chronic and infectious diseases.

PREVENTION: do Not allow overcooling of the child and the transition of infectious diseases in chronic form. It does not bring the child to the kindergarten and do not send to school until complete cure of the disease.


SIGNS: urine in a child less than drinking them fluids, irregular bowel movement, abdominal pain, conjunctivitis.

REASON: yersiniosis, salmonellosis, dysentery, urethritis, cystitis.

PREVENTION: the Timely washing hands, fruits, vegetables, drinking boiled water, the rejection of raw eggs.


SYMPTOMS: those with SARS, but we came in 1-2 weeks after the illness that caused it.

CAUSES: rubella, adenovirus, viral hepatitis, vaccination, Streptococcus, tuberculosis, Mycoplasma.

PREVENTION: strengthen immunity, elimination of contact of blood with vaccinations or shots, avoiding injuries: through them the body may fall, for example, fungi.
Please note that most often a complication of arthritis do not occur if you get an infection in the body of the child, and if the disease caused by them, you are not recovered — the result of which can develop tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, or dermatitis. Usually parents treat these chronic diseases that gargling, nasal rinses, which only reduces the severity of symptoms. But to respond to this chronicle, it is necessary to find the causative agent (making, for example, the cultures of secretions from the nose and throat, or analyzing a skin scraping).


INDICATIONS: pain in the injured joint for 5-7 days has not passed or has not decreased as the extent of swelling.

CAUSE: injuries, bruises, often strong.

PREVENTION: if you teach a child safety rules for bike riding, tree climbing, outdoor games, etc., then the probability of carelessness and the risk of injury will decrease. In addition, upon the slightest injury it is better to hurry to the traumatologist or orthopedist to have an ultrasound or do a x-ray of the hurt joint.


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If there is suspicion rush to the pediatrician (to start). If he didn’t recognize arthritis, but you still have doubts, go to a rheumatologist, cardiologist, nephrologist, podiatrist or ophthalmologist. Untreated arthritis affects other organs and can even lead to disability.

“Scarecrow” against the disease

Whether you will develop arthritis when meeting with the infection and even if there is a genetic predisposition to the disease depends on the immunity power. Because by all means strengthen it.

SPORT OR GAME. They should be in the daily routine of the child, better for the air and a minimum of 40 minutes and two hours, respectively. Active movement normalizes metabolism, contributing to strengthening of protective forces of an organism.

HEALTHY EATING. From diet and quality of food that affects the immune system, as well as normalization of digestion. Plus the body will get sufficient amount of nutrients.

HARDENING. Douche, contrast douche, dosage walks in any weather and a gradual farewell to the wrap. For example, today aplusa jacket replaced by mid-season, and a week to replace wool sweater came to Raglan from cotton.

HOSPITAL MOM. Immunity power is very, very undermines adolecente any disease. For example, only the cavities takes on the relief of infections, caused it to 20% of the strength of the immune system. Infectious diseases of the nasopharynx and mouth over time easily escalate into a chronic disease of the respiratory system or the urogenital system, and cardiovascular, increasing the probability of development of infectious arthritis. Therefore there is no reason in the world should not force your mum to call in sick with any illness of the child or to go to work before the disease is completely cured (no residual effects!).

THE DOSAGE OF THE MEDICATION. Immunostimulants and immunomodulators use strictly according to doctor’s orders and don’t rush to use antipyretics (even if the temperature is 39 °With: “the brazier” the body is staged for a reason — it destroys the infectious agents, try one of many water the child). All of these drugs are crudely interfering in the immune system and the child she is under 16.